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High Quality Outdoor Flags
from BannerBuzz

Wide range of flags that are portable and easy to set up

  • Excellent for outdoor windy areas
  • Gets more attention than regular banner
  • Variety of option for different surface types
  • Available in single side (Fold) and double side (Fold)

Types of Custom Flags

  • Feather Flags
    24 x 91 in @ $108.61 only

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  • Teardrop Flags
    25 x 60 in @ $93.01 only

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  • Blade Flags
    24 x 91 in @ $108.61 only

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  • Rectangle Flags
    36 x 24 ft @ $21.99 only

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  • Triangle Flags
    48 x 24 in @ $37.49 only

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  • Stand Options

    Bannerbuzz provide the widest range of Flag's accessories to suit all situations, whether you are exhibiting at indoor show where floor space is restricted, outdoors when the wind is blowing strong, a busy shopping center where flags may cause a hazard, or a crowed summer event where visibility at a height is essential.

    • Cross Base Stand

    • Spike Base Stand

    • Cross Stand with Water Base

Available Sizes

  • A2’ Width X 7.58’ Height
  • B2’ Width X 9.58’ Height
  • C2.25’ Width X 10.17’ Height
  • D2.5’ Width X 15.42’ Height


"Design innovative and captivating flags for your business!"

Imagine your favorite country, state or even a football team. What is the first thing that pops into your mind? It’s obviously their flag and that’s how you can recognize and differentiate them from the rest.

Flags play an important role not just for countries, but for businesses too. They not only communicate your business ethics, practices and products/services to your customers but also make your business stand out amongst a group of competitors. These flags are also an extremely important and efficient marketing tool.

At BannerBuzz, we work round the clock to devise innovative, attractive and personalized flags for all your marketing needs. We offer:

Lightweight and Aerodynamic Design

Our customized flags and flagpoles are lightweight; and easy to store, assemble, and transport. Each flag comes with a standard support that can be extended and adjusted to fit into any space without a hassle. At the base of all the flag poles, there is a three-leg support system that prevents the flag from tripping during strong winds and provides an appealing waving motion that attracts customers to your business and/or stall. Compared to heavy banners, these flags are built for outdoor windy areas and get more attention.

Quality Fabrics

Through years of industrial research, we provide one of the most rugged polyesters for our flags. This makes our flags highly resistant to rip and/or tear. We also offer silk screening and digitally printed artwork for all custom flags and flag designs. This ensures quality in our work while promoting your business in a unique and highly innovative way.

More Options

Apart from standard flags, we also specialize in and provide:

  • Feather Flags: Whether you’re hosting a grand opening, promoting a sales offer or looking for advertisement at any event, these flags do the trick. They’re available in sizes of 7ft to 15ft, are easy to assemble and are made from heavy duty aluminum and steel construction.
  • TearDrop Flags: Defining your work and making a statement, these innovative designs come with heavy duty aluminum and steel poles. Regardless of the wind speed and direction, these flags won’t trip or tear. They’re easy to assemble and come with a free carry bag and their dye-sublimation printing provides a wide variety of colors and designs for you to choose from.
  • Blade Flags: Compared to the two flags mentioned above, these flags offer the most in terms of printing space, colors, base options and font/text size used. Offering single and double side printing, we make sure that your business is visible, recognized and acknowledged.

Low Price

We understand your budget constraints and your need to attract customers without exceeding your spending cap. Our flags are available on a variety of different surface types. You can easily choose a design and let our experts take care of the rest, for a meager fee of $109.99. This includes designing, dying, printing and delivery charges.

If you want your business to stand out and if you’re looking for innovative and affordable marketing techniques, we’re here to help. Call us today at 800-580-4489 or visit our website to check out our amazing flag designs!