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Blade Flags

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  • Blade Flags

    …indoors. Blade flags are great for trade shows, events – anywhere you want to stand out. Quality Goods Our blade flags are lightweight, portable, and easy to assemble. Quality material and stitching means they’ll last a long time, and solid stands make them wind-resistant. Raise a flag for more…

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    18.6 x 66 in @ $50.00 only
  • Economy Display Package

    …Well, has changed the game with their economy display package. Here is all that you will gain from our package: Premium quality blade flags that are made from lightweight hardware L bannerstand for branding your business in style Pleated table cover for improved visual aesthetics Be…

    10 x 10 ft @ $274.14 only
  • Clip Flags

    Clip flags – great for marketing on the go Our clip flags ensure visibility. They are perfect for vehicles that have a retractable antenna. The flag is lightweight so the antenna would not get damaged in any way. Our flags feature high quality. The design won’t fade or blur, and your message would…

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    9.06 x 20.47 in @ $31.19 only
  • Suction Cup Flags

    What’s the one best way to ensure that your word will be read? The Suction Cup flag! Mount suction cup flags anywhere and at any place, and convey the message that you want. We offer suction cup flags in pretty designs and colours so they are bound to get you, not some, but loads of attention! Show…

    9.06 x 20.47 in @ $33.90 only
  • Desktop Flag

    …desk flag will spread the word! The mini flag may be small, but the digitally printed flag sets out what it is supposed to do — advertise Premier quality polyester to ensure maximum usage without compromising on quality The small flag comes with an easy set-up and pack up option Desktop Flags — An…

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    6.77 x 13.78 in @ $31.03 only
  • Trade Show Canopy Kit

    …Furthermore, the two blade flags that come with the kit are great for delivering a targeted message to the tradeshow audience. Whether it is a sale or a new product that you are offering, you can attract audience by advertising your message on one side of these flags. These flags come with a…

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    10 x 10 ft @ $1627.03 only
Related Categories Flag | Blade Banners | Blade | Banner Flag
Sort by:
1 - 6 of 6