Coronavirus Stop Here if you have Symptoms Roll up Banner Stands

Coronavirus Stop Here if you have Symptoms Roll up Banner Stands


Roll-Up Banner Stands Help Direct Those With Symptoms to Safe Spaces

  • Banner stands are quick and easy to set up and to store.
  • Made of durable material and can withstand wear and tear.
  • Choose from multiple frame and banner sizes.
  • Lasting digital UV printing produces full-colour graphics that resist fading.
  • Low-maintenance banners easily wipe clean with a soft, damp cloth.

Roll-Up Banner Stands Are Easy to Install, Durable, and Customizable

Businesses are looking for a solution to keep potentially contagious persons separated from others, which helps to prevent illness from spreading to customers and employees. Staff interacting frequently with symptomatic visitors can lead to multiple ill employees and downtime. These pull-up banner stands offer a reliable method of informing visitors with symptoms that they must remain in place for screening. This helps to protect workers and clients, avoiding lost time and revenue.

Retractable banner stands offer the convenience of quick and easy installation. They roll up in a compact tube to take up minimal room in storage and then unroll to their full height for fast installation. This allows employees to move on to other tasks sooner after putting protective measures in place.

Made of polypropylene, the graphic used by the pull-up banner stands holds up under use and resists wear and tear. High tensile strength maintains the shape of the fabric when held taut on the stand. Anodized aluminum hardware adds further durability and allows for outdoor as well as indoor placement.

Choose from banners and stands in four different sizes to suit the available space. Other options include ordering only the stand or only the pre-printed banner. A roll-up banner stand on its own accommodates your custom banner if desired for safety, marketing, or other applications.

Retractable Banner Stands Are High Quality and Easy to Clean

Full-colour digital UV printing produces bold text and vibrant colours that catch the eye so visitors notice and follow the instructions. The graphics are also long-lasting and fade-resistant, so you can display your roll-up banner stands in outdoor locations.

Maintaining a retractable banner stand is a simple, convenient process. Just wipe it down with a soft, damp cloth to remove dust and other accretions. This keeps the text clear and legible and maintains the boldness of the colours.

Roll-Up Banner Stands Are Easily Accessible and Available in Bulk

BannerBuzz makes these retractable banner stands easily accessible with multiple shipping options, including doorstep delivery. A bulk discount applies to orders from 2 up to 100 or more, creating an incentive for businesses requiring multiple displays. Each stand comes in a single box to simplify the delivery process.

Keep Customers and Patients in Place for Symptom Screenings with Health Alert Banner Stands

Set up these banner stands with ease and efficiency, using their bold, printed graphics to maintain hygiene and help keep others safe from contagious illness.

  • Made of 28-micron thick polypropylene
  • Aluminum anodized hardware with spring tension
  • Colourful UV printing in 600DPI
  • Graphic weight of 240 GSM
  • Easy to wipe clean

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