Covid-19 Prevention Wash your Hands Window Clings

Covid-19 Prevention Wash your Hands Window Clings


Encourage Hygienic Habits with Opaque Vinyl Window Clings

  • Durable PVC material withstands wear and tear in high-traffic locations.
  • High-quality text and vivid colours improve visibility.
  • Choose a custom size that fits your windows.
  • An included squeegee tool speeds up the installation process.
  • Low-emission printing reduces the environmental impact.

Removable, Personalized Window Clings Are Durable, High Quality, and Customizable

Prevention of disease spread is a goal of all organizations and public facilities. To promote the safety and wellness of staff and customers, businesses need vibrant signs that encourage handwashing. Reinforcing and encouraging hygienic habits and practices helps reduce the chance of someone contracting or spreading germs. Static window clings with both graphics and text provide a friendly reminder about frequent handwashing, an effective way to halt the transmission of microorganizms.

Made of PVC with a 190 GSM graphic weight, the 'wash your hands' signs are flexible and durable, supporting prolonged use. They stand up to regular cleaning for a lasting addition to your premises.

Graphics feature a resolution of 600 DPI, so the images and text that are clearly visible, even to those viewing the static window clings from a distance. Full colour UV printing produces lively graphics that support mounting in brightly lit and low-lit environments, reflecting the maximum amount of light possible. The colourful backgrounds also improve the contrast and sharpness of the text to make it stand out.

Non-adhesive window clings come in many sizes, including custom sizes. Choose smaller clings to fit compact windows or larger ones for glass panels around conference rooms.

Sustainable Opaque Window Clings

There's no need to apply adhesive when installing the static window clings, so installation is easy. An included squeegee presses the PVC against the glass to form an airtight seal that's free of bubbles and creases. Putting the signs in place is a fast and efficient process, helping you save time.

The printing process for the 'wash your hands' signs works without releasing solvents into the air, reducing emissions and the impact on the environment. These PVC clings can also be re-used multiple times, keeping them out of the trash and out of landfills for longer. Protect both the environment and your workforce at the same time.

Vinyl Static Window Clings Are Ready to Use

These non-adhesive window clings require no additional design or copywriting, so they are ready to put up as-is. This frees up your time. It also allows you to immediately advise employees and guests to wash their hands.

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