Covid-19 Screening This Way Roll Up Banner Stands

Covid-19 Screening This Way Roll Up Banner Stands


COVID-19 Roll-Up Banner To Display Information Effectively

  • Durable outdoor banner stands withstand chemicals and moisture.
  • Full-colour UV print technology offers sharper image quality for high readability.
  • Provides for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Pre-printed message helps save time and effort.

Sturdy Roll-Up Banner Stands are High Quality, and Customizable

Before allowing visitors to enter your facility, it's imperative they undergo a screening process to determine the possibility that they may be infected with harmful airborne pathogens. Every business needs a straightforward communication tool for directing visitors to such screening areas. The outdoor banner stands are an ideal solution to this problem — sharp image quality and high readability and durability come together to create the product that can meet all your requirements.

The 280 micron polypropylene material used to make the portable banner stands is chemical- and moisture-resistant and has a high impact strength. Because of its semi-crystalline structure, it also has high flexural strength. The stands themselves are made of aluminum, which provides corrosion resistance and allows them to be used outside. Polypropylene and aluminum work together to create a product that is both robust and long-lasting.

With 600 DPI and full-colour UV printing, the retractable banner stands offer sharper image quality and higher resolution. The print technology used also can catch and reflect light, which draws attention and also ensures enhanced visibility, providing an effective communication method.

Our outdoor banner stands are available for purchase in a variety of sizes. Depending on your specific needs, you can also choose to buy only the stand, just the banner, or both. We also provide the option of having the banners laminated for maximum protection. Our liquid lamination solution is particularly designed to protect colours, give enhanced abrasion resistance, and increased life of up to 2 years -- all while maintaining the substrate's flexibility. The customization choices that we provide ensure that we can adapt to your needs and provide the best solution for your requirements.

Retractable Banner Stands are Eco-Friendly and Ready to Use

Polypropylene, used in the manufacturing of our portable banner stands, is a more eco-friendly material than other plastics. It's recyclable, degrades faster, and does not emit as many pollutants as some other polymers. Making environmentally conscious decisions, even if they are as simple as opting for a product manufactured with such materials, assists you in fulfilling your social responsibility.

The outdoor banner stands from BannerBuzz come with a pre-printed message that reads, COVID-19 Screening Test This Way. This feature helps you save time and effort.

Roll-Up Banner Stands Offer Easy Care

Retractable banner stands need little care or maintenance. Simply wipe down with a soft, damp cloth; you do not require any cleaning chemicals. Minimal upkeep requirements save time while still keeping the banner stands looking fresh and clean.

Easily Guide Visitors to Screening Areas with Outdoor Banner Stands

The stands are ideal for guiding visitors to the screening areas in your facility. Thanks to the high-quality graphics, the stands provide for easy readability, effectively helping people to identify where screening is being conducted.

  • Made with polypropylene material
  • 280 micron graphic thickness
  • 240 GSM graphic weight
  • Full-colour, 600 DPI, UV printing

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