Covid-19 Temporary Closure Window Decals

Covid-19 Temporary Closure Window Decals


COVID-19 Temporary Closure Vinyl Window Decals Inform Customers of Operation Status

  • Our temporary closure decals are available in high gloss surfaces to enhance visibility.
  • Printed on white monomeric vinyl film to suit outdoor use.
  • Provides ready-to-use installation process with pre-printed message.
  • The decals are available in variant size options and are easily customizable.
  • Constructed from a vinyl material with 250 micron thickness to prolong shelf life.

Printed Decals are Durable, Customizable, and High Quality

When your commercial spaces get shut down, it becomes necessary to communicate the status of your operations to clients. Temporary closures can leave you looking for an efficient solution to the issue of directing potential customers to your website. Our printed decals are an excellent way to properly communicate about the changes in offline and online operations so that customers can obtain services accordingly. The decals provide immediate notification of your closure and invite those passing by to visit your online store, decreasing lost revenue.

These store window decals are 100 monomeric vinyl that is abrasion resistant, allowing it to withstand daily wear and tear. Your business may profit from lengthier marketing and advertising because of the long-lasting signs.

Our vinyl decals feature 720 DPI printing, which ensures excellent visibility from a distance. Full colour printing offers a wide variety of colour options, resulting in bright, vivid prints. Using either eco-solvent or latex printing for enhanced visibility and picture quality, the signs attract attention and promote engagement to provide a higher return on investment.

The versatile nature of our opaque decals allows you to choose from a myriad of size options to meet your specific requirements. Our glass window decals are available in a variety of lamination and UV print ranges, allowing you to effectively elevate your space by personalizing the products.

Order Easy To Install and Ready To Use Printed Vinyl Window Decals

Enjoy a temporary closure vinyl decal that is easy to install. The included squeegee application tool provides a comfortable and quick installation process. As a result, you can accurately display messages to consumers without leaving air bubbles behind.

Window vinyls are ready to use, as they have a pre-printed message. You can save time by simply pressing the opaque decals on the surface, therefore directing your clients to the listed website to obtain the desired services.

Eco-Friendly Printed Decals

Thanks to our eco-solvent printing mechanism, the vinyl decals are eco friendly. The biodegradable print ingredients used create environmentally sustainable and bold printing designs for use in commercial spaces, thus contributing to the impression that your business is following through on its social and environmental responsibilities.

Vinyl Window Decals Inform Customers of Temporary Closures and Alternatives

Inform customers about your store operations with pre-printed messages and high image quality for enhanced visibility.

  • Full colour, 720 DPI, eco-solvent printing
  • 130 GSM graphic weight
  • 250 microns material thickness
  • Constructed with white vinyl
  • Flash cut finish option

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