Employees Wash Hands Notice Compliance Signs

Employees Wash Hands Notice Compliance Signs


Comply With Regulations Using Employees Mush Wash Hands Signs

  • Durable aluminum sheeting resists corrosion.
  • UV-stable ink is highly visible in outdoor or indoor light.
  • Choose from a range of available sizes.
  • Printed signs use an eco-friendly, solvent-free printing process.
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes on wash hands notices make the signs easy to install.

Wash Your Hands Boards are Durable, High Quality, and Customizable

In food service establishments, it's important to reinforce important hygiene practices in order to protect the workers, the customers, and the business. Keeping these procedures in place also keeps businesses in compliance with FDA and OSHA regulations. Wash hands notices in bathrooms not only serve as helpful reminders to employees, but also reassures customers that workers are taking proper action to prevent contamination and the spread of illness. These signs are also a recommended addition to other customer-facing businesses, such as department and hardware stores.

Employees must wash your hands wall signs comprise durable aluminium sheeting, making them resistant to corrosion, long-lasting, and durable. Place the signs indoors in bathrooms and other areas where employees get hands dirty. These hand hygiene signs are also suitable for outdoor placement in areas such as loading docks, where workers may take smoke breaks.

UV-stable ink places bold, clear, and legible text on these employee hand wash signs, making each one easy to read even from any distance. The ink also reflects light to increase visibility and the chances of being noticed, assuring management that everyone gets the message.

Customize the health warning signs with special instructions as needed to meet the unique requirements of your enterprise. The signs are also available in a selection of sizes, so you can find the one appropriate for the size of the restroom in your building.

Employees Mush Wash Hands Signs are Eco-Friendly and Easy to Install

Employee hand wash signs use an environmentally friendly printing process that does not release solvents into the air. Reduced emissions provide business managers with a socially responsible option for complying with regulations.

With mounting holes pre-drilled into each corner, the printed signs are quick and easy to install on a variety of wall types, including drywall and brick. Rounded, radius corners eliminate sharp edges and make the signs comfortable to handle during the installation process.

Wash Your Hands Boards are Ready to Use

The signs display a pre-printed notice reading employees must wash hands before returning to work. There's no need to design any logos or graphics or provide additional text, so the signs are ready to install before the business even opens its doors.

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