Mailer Boxes

Mailer Boxes

  • Printed on sturdy FBB (Folding Box Board) material.
  • Ideal for storing and sending couriers.
  • Upload your artwork or design online to customize your box.
  • Multiple printing options — outside only, inside & outside — are available.
  • Choice options for lamination include matte and gloss.

Highly-Durable Mailer Boxes With Interlocking Bottom Flaps

Mailer boxes are a great choice for sending out purchases or promotional products. They are the first point of contact between the consumer and your brand. Make them significant by adding a branding touch to them. Besides delivering the ordered items safely, a custom printed box has a high brand recall value.

Our mailer boxes have interlocking flaps that give double-layered strength to the base, resulting in secure packaging and increased protection of the items enclosed within. The flaps on each of the box's 4 sides are folded inwards and interlocked to hold their shape. The self-locking mailer boxes do not require glue or tape for assembly or packaging.

Our high-quality and sturdy mailer boxes made with FBB paper are best suited for sending items that have to be handled with care. The mailer boxes with a board thickness of 0.5mm offer high durability and ideal protection for products. They are sturdy — yet flexible for packaging and couriering — and can withstand transportation.

BannerBuzz packaging cartons are ideal for sending a variety of products ranging from cosmetic items, food, books, and luxury goods, etc. These mailer boxes are eco-friendly. They do not generate plastic waste, are hard-wearing, and do not require bubble wraps and styrofoam to cushion products.

Customization and Printing Of Our Mailer Boxes

You can customize your mailer box to suit your product and branding requirements. You can add your brand logo or custom graphics to create a personal connection with customers. To customize your boxes, either upload your print-ready artwork or use the online design tool. We also offer a selection of customizable templates at no extra cost. Feel free to use these templates as design inspiration.

We use offset printing to custom print your mailer boxes; a cost-effective technique for printing large quantities. Besides, offset printing produces high-quality sharp images of your company name and logo.

Lamination Option — Matte And Glossy

To add the finishing touch, you can get your mailer boxes laminated in matte or gloss finish. Lamination makes the boxes stronger and provides protection from several external elements. Lamination helps the print of your product packaging’s design to stand out and last longer. Matte lamination — with its softer look — helps prevent harsh light and enhances the readability of the print. Glossy lamination gives a shinier look and helps your company logo look more vibrant. It’s easier to clean smudges on glossy surfaces.