No Dining Take Out Curbside Vinyl Banners

No Dining Take Out Curbside Vinyl Banners


Tell Customers of New Services with No Dining — Take Out and Curbside Banners

  • Durable materials ensure the banners last for a long time.
  • The printing process results in quality images that are visible from a distance.
  • Customize your order to suit your business needs.
  • An eco-friendly printing technique minimizes your carbon footprint.
  • Banners have a pre-printed message to save your time and effort.

No Dine-In Posters are Durable, High Quality, and Customizable

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, restaurants may be forced to limit customer access in order to maintain safety and comply with government regulations. It's critical to communicate properly with clients and pass information about any additional services you offer to meet their demands. Our no dining signs are a great way to alert customers and visitors about changes in your restaurant's operations, as well as the availability of takeaway and curbside services. This streamlines operations and helps your business function more smoothly.

Our curbside signs are made of a durable PVC flex material with high impact strength, which extends the life of the banners and resists wear and tear. The material is also resistant to corrosion, ensuring that the signage can withstand the weather. This allows you to display the banners both inside and outside, as well as in high-traffic areas where customers can see the message.

Printing at 720 DPI results in crisp, high-resolution images that make every detail visible, allowing customers to see the PVC flex banners even from afar. Full colour printing produces a wide spectrum of colours, resulting in vibrant prints. High-quality printing attracts visitors' attention, ensuring that your message is effectively communicated.

We provide customization options to meet your business' needs. Choose from a range of available sizes or have a custom size that fits the space where you'll install the drive-thru banners. Choose two-sided printing if you want to advertise on both sides. Upgrade to premium for a more durable material and higher-resolution printing. We provide several different hanging options for convenience. Consider adding wind flaps if you reside in a high-wind region and a laminate for enhanced abrasion protection. Accessories such as zip ties, banner clips, pole and wall brackets, hanging clamp bar, bungees, and nylon ropes are available to assist in installation.

Takeout Banners are Eco-Friendly and Ready to Use

We use an eco-solvent printing technique to produce the PVC flex banners, which is ecologically safe since it's biodegradable, sustainable, and has no harmful ingredients. This reduces your carbon footprint and assists your business in meeting its social responsibilities.

A pre-printed statement on the curbside signs informs consumers that dine-in services are not available at your restaurant, but curbside and takeaway alternatives are on offer. This saves you time and effort when it comes to creating signage, and it allows you to interact with customers straight away.

No Dine-In Posters are Easy to Maintain

No cleaning solution is required; simply wipe the no dining signs gently with a damp towel. This simplicity of maintenance helps you to keep the signage in good shape to attract attention.

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