Please Wash your Hands Indoor Floor Mats

Please Wash your Hands Indoor Floor Mats


Enforce Hygienic Practices with Please Wash Your Hands Mats

  • Durable materials make the mats last longer.
  • High-quality printing improves readability.
  • Customization options are available to fit your business needs.
  • A pre-printed message saves you time and effort.
  • Lightweight, soft materials allow you to reposition the mats as needed.

Durable, High-Quality, and Customizable Wash Your Hands Signs

Your businesses rely on a safe work environment to keep operations running smoothly. It is critical to emphasize safety concerns and hygiene practices so that your employees and customers are aware of the precautionary requirements. Advertising mats provide an efficient means of disseminating preventive information for controlling the spread of infectious illnesses and germs.

We use non-woven fabric to make the indoor floor mats, which makes them abrasion-resistant. The pile material is coral fleece, which makes the mats moisture-resistant and ensures the signs can survive humid conditions without deteriorating. Because of this level of toughness, the product is long-lasting, dependable, and ideal for indoor usage.

Printing at 1440 DPI and using dye-sublimation ensures that the personalized floor mats have high definition graphics with great colour accuracy. Full-colour printing creates vivid finishes with high fade resistance and strong contrast to catch people's attention and ensure successful message delivery.

There are customization choices accessible to assist you in acquiring a product that matches the needs of your business. Choose from two sizes or include specific instructions to personalize the wash your hands signs to your brand's identity.

Custom Floor Mats are Portable and Ready to Use

These indoor floor mats feature a statement that encourages staff and guests to wash hands. This stresses the notion of maintaining hygiene at all times in order to prevent germ transmission and protect the safety of your business.

Our personalized floor mats are made of soft, lightweight fabrics that are easy to handle and move around. This enables you to position and adjust the signs as needed to maximize the visibility of your message.

Get Bulk Order Discounts with Wash Your Hands Mats

Whether your business is big or small, you may place bulk orders based on your budget or needs. Discounts are available for purchases ranging from 2 to 500 units. This provides your company with a cost-saving solution that allows you to obtain as many advertising mats as required to express safety concerns.

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