Social Distancing Saves Lives Outdoor Floor Mats

Social Distancing Saves Lives Outdoor Floor Mats


Outdoor Floor Mats to Aware Your Visitors to follow social distancing instructions:

  • Pre-printed graphics for COVID-19 precautions & awareness
  • Bulk-quantity discount available
  • Durable quality pile & back material
  • High-quality full-color 1440DPI dye-sublimation prints

Social Distancing Saves Lives Outdoor Floor Mats to show your CSR towards others

Buy these useful outdoor floor mats to display social yet precautionary messages against the COIVID-19 battle. The message may comprise – Social Distancing Saves Lives, Practice social distancing to stop the spread, please maintain distance, and many more pre-printed texts are available to meet your requirements. These outdoor floor mats serve your purpose effectively to aware and inform your visitors, guests, employees, and other walk-ins to adhere to the practice of social distancing and thus saving the lives of self and others too.

Social distancing Saves Lives Outdoor Floor Mats are available in pre-printed texts, 2 sizes to choose from, and highly-resilient pile and back material no matter how much the footfall is, these outdoor floor mats would give you long-lasting usage. Moreover, we have also come up with different design templates to let you feasibly pick other printed graphics for COVID-19 awareness. So, without ado, buy social distancing and other outdoor floor mats in bulk quantities to cover up the various outdoor passage of your offices, stores, banks, hospitals, homes, and other spaces for 24x7 precautions and awareness.