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It is time to give your windows a makeover.

Using window lettering is hands down one of the easiest ways of letting your customers know what services you offer, before they even set foot in your shop. From restaurants to big shops, window lettering is definitely a favourite marketing/advertising strategy of successful business owners.

Communicate with your potential customers before you even see them

Putting window decals (opaque) up on the windows of your shop or your office can actually be a way of speaking to your customers without even having to meet them face to face. Using window decals (opaque) to state the working hours of your restaurant or for stating the kind of cases your law firm specifically deals in are all messages that you are sending to your potential customers before even engaging in an actual conversation with them.

Types of window decals

Since window decals are so commonly used, we at offer 3 types of window decals to our customers:

  • Clear Window Decals
  • Frosted Window Decals
  • Perforated Window Signs

Clear window decals, frosted window decals and perforated window signs all basically do the same thing: help you state a message that can be displayed on a window, but these are just different styles for clients who may want to have a little special effect accompanying their window decal.

Beautiful and easy to use window decals

Perforated and frosted window decals, both really stand out and can easily make your office, your spa, your shop, or any business for that matter stand out amidst all the others. At, our window decals have specially been designed to provide as much as ease and use to our customers as possible. These window decals require no equipment to be put up, just paste them on your windows and you are good to go.

Whether you need a 48ƒ? window decal or something even bigger, get in touch with us at and we would easily arrange it for you!