Classic Ballpoint Pen


Our Custom Pens are Available in Three Sophisticated Colours

One of the most essential accessories that we use every day is a pen. How about using a pen to carry an advertisement for your brand? Why let all that ‘real estate’ on the pen go waste? For, every time it is used, your brand name and the details imprinted on the personal pen are bound to get not just noticed but also make an impact.

Perfect for promotions and giveaways, the base material used for our pens is metal while the tip, clip, and bottom material are in plastic. With springs made of MS iron, the pens boast a fine tip for a flawless writing flow.

Our superior-quality custom pens come in three colours that spell sophistication and class. These are matt black, metallic red, and metallic blue.

The total length of our pens is 14 cm (approx) and the imprint colour used to add your name, logo design, or brand name on them is white. On the dark background colour of the pen, the writing in white looks bright and elegant. The laser imprint process used for imprinting ensures that the engraving looks good and stays on for a long time.

Custom Pens with Your Uploaded Design

When deciding on the matter to be imprinted on your personalized pens, it’ll be good to keep the number of lines to one or two. Increasing the number of lines will only result in smaller font size. Depending on the artwork, the maximum number of characters per line could be about 20.

Perfect for personal as well as commercial use, the refill ink colour of our pens is blue, a hue regarded as most soothing to the eyes. What’s more, it’s believed that something written in blue is more likely to be remembered than in inks of any other colour. The refill type that works best with our pens is a plastic jotter while the refills ink type is liquid.

Choose Priority Shipping for Faster Delivery

Designed to create a better impact, our custom pens can be ordered in packs ranging from 100, 500, 1000, or 2000. If looking for faster delivery, just choose ‘priority’ shipping before you check out.