Custom Sheet Stickers


Easy-to-Peel Custom Stickers are Available in Different Paper Types

Easy-to-peel stickers are a perfect solution to make your business get noticed with minimal investment. In contrast to traditional marketing strategies, distributing or gifting custom stickers is a great branding strategy to build a new customer base. Our fully-customizable stickers help bring increased foot traffic with their visual vibrancy. Using our easy-to-peel stickers, you can get your brand to stand out and build better ROI even if you are offering the same products/services as your competitors.

Our custom stickers are available in four different types of papers: transparent, opaque, gloss, and matte. You can also get transparent stickers made of clear polyester film with an emulsion base and graphic thickness of 48 microns. We offer stickers with opaque paper type with white PET film, emulsion base, and graphic thickness of 46 microns. Our both transparent and opaque sheet stickers come with permanent adhesive.

Our custom stickers made of bright white cast coated paper with emulsion acrylic adhesive, feature both matte and glossy finish. While our glossy option enhances visibility and color vibrancy by maximizing customer attention and engagement, custom stickers in matte finish minimize the lighting glare and keep the focus of attention on your messaging.

Depending upon the paper type, all the custom sheet stickers come in varied graphic thicknesses ranging from 72 GSM to 80 GSM. Our custom sheet stickers offer extensive durability for 1 year in ideal conditions and come with a kiss-cut finish. The kiss-cut stickers are digitally printed, and laser cut through the film layer around the edge of the design without cutting through the backing paper.

Custom Sheet Stickers Come in Varied Sizes & Packs

Considering the multiple uses of custom sheet stickers, from driving traffic in grand events to creating brand awareness by sticking stickers on in-store articles, our custom sheet stickers come in varied sizes and pack options. Our custom sheet stickers come in 8 different sizes: the smallest being the 3 x 4 inches and the biggest being 8.5 X 11 inches.

Our custom sheet stickers come in packs of 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, and 5000. You can easily buy custom sheet stickers in small quantities and place bulk orders. Huge discounts are at your disposal if placing bulk orders.

Custom Sheet Stickers Can be Personalized to Showcase your Unique Brand Identity

There's no denying how personalized custom sheet stickers prove beneficial in raising your brand's ROI and building a loyal customer base. Getting custom sheet stickers in line with your unique brand’s identity is not a hassle with Bannerbuzz. You can conveniently design or personalize the custom sheet stickers by uploading the logo, artwork, design, text, image, or quote reflecting the unique identity for instant brand awareness. Simply upload the requirements on our website and get the personalized stickers at your disposal. Order now!

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