Folded Awareness Flyers

Folded Awareness Flyers


Be safe and spread the awareness with Folded Awareness Flyers:

  • High-quality, durable cardstocks
  • Top-notch printing technology
  • Best for circulating Corona safety measures
  • Free Shipping
  • Fast Delivery
  • Product border Should be minimum 3 mm.Thin borders can come out lopsided due to the cutting process

Folded Awareness Flyers, Corona Awareness Flyers for utmost safety and precautionary measures

Folded Awareness Flyers by BannerBuzz will provide you the right move that you might be seeking to spread the awareness and precaution against COVID-19. Say it with sheer professionalism yet care with folded Corona awareness flyers among your visitors, employees, clients, customers, or even the passers-by. Being made from high-quality cardstocks and top-notch printing techniques, these pre-printed awareness flyers are perfect to be offered to numerous people and would retain their fresh look and sheen even if gone through many hands.

Pre-printed awareness flyers save a huge on your time and effort as in this time of crisis if you are looking for something handy and ready to be used for branding and awareness purposes as well, then these folded awareness flyers would be the perfect pick for you. Being folded in nature, it comes with two or more sides/folds and thus offers you the utmost space and informative content to be delivered to your respective audience. So, without ado, get your hands right on folded awareness flyers from BannerBuzz as we are offering Free Shipping and Fast Delivery too.