Please Wash your Hands Garden Flags

Please Wash your Hands Garden Flags


Instruct Workers to Keep Hands Clean with Wash Your Hands Garden Flags

  • Advertisement flags are made of knitted flag fabric for durability.
  • Fabric features high-resolution, detailed graphics to attract attention.
  • Flags are lightweight for easy storage and transportation.

Advertisement Flags are Durable, High Quality, and Customizable

If you own a business where employees work outdoors, you may have concerns about bringing bacteria into the building. Fortunately, you can use our lawn flags to advise employees outside to wash hands on entry. The flags make for noticeable warnings when placed outside entrances, suitable for garden centres, golf courses, and other businesses.

The components of the advertisement flags are durable. The 90 GSM fabric is knitted for strength and tear resistance. The pole that fastens to the fabric is iron, which is weather-resistant, and it keeps the flag stable and upright in the ground. This custom flag is sure to last many years outdoors.

Our outdoor flags come with high-quality sublimation print that features a vivid purple, tan, and white colour scheme. The flag's hand and bubble graphics are quickly recognizable to passers-by, with easy-to-read white text for effective communication. The overall design attracts employees' attention and is pleasing to the eye.

There are single-sided and double-sided versions of BannerBuzz's garden flags. The single-sided flags are suitable for placement against building walls, whereas double-sided flags are ideal for areas where employees approach the building from multiple directions. This customization allows your business to benefit by selecting the version you need.

Garden Flags are Portable and Ready To Use

The advertisement flags come with the design pre-installed on the fabric. This spares you time and effort of designing your own signage. Simply connect the pole parts, fasten the fabric to the pole, and plant the pole's base into the ground in three simple steps. This quick installation lets you get your message across immediately.

Good portability means you can remove the lawn flags from the ground and relocate the units to any grass or dirt area. Store the flags easily after disassembly and folding. This makes the custom flags reusable, so you get more value for your money by setting the notices up in multiple locations.

Advertisement Flags are Easy to Order

There are multiple ordering options when purchasing advertisement flags. Save money on your shipment by choosing standard shipping. Alternatively, select priority shipping to receive your flags as soon as possible. Pick the option best for either your budget or circumstances.

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