Social Distancing Saves Lives Straight Pillow Case Backdrop

Social Distancing Saves Lives Straight Pillow Case Backdrop

  • Display fabric made of premium-quality polyester.
  • Easy to install or dismantle.
  • Concealed zipper at the bottom for a seamless display.
  • Comes with pre-designed backdrop printing.


Quality Polyester Used in Our Straight Pillowcase Backdrops

Do you think people are getting careless with the precautions they need to take for the pandemic? Quite possible, since it has stretched on for quite some time. Do not assume that your customers and employees know the precautions requisite to keep everyone safe from the coronavirus. We all need to do our bit and keep a reminder in full view for everyone to see. Display our ‘Social Distancing Saves Lives’ backdrop and reinforce health practices around you.

The display of our backdrops is made of durable-quality polyester fabric. This wrinkle free fabric is stretchable and will fit the frame snugly without any loose edges. The fabric's graphic weight is 230 GSM, giving you a lightweight yet sturdy display.

Our backdrop display has been designed with a hidden zipper at its base. This zipper makes it very convenient to pull it over the frame or to remove it. Since it is at the bottom, it gives you a seamless and tight display that does not mar the image in any way.

The eye-catching backdrop display has pre-designed texts and visuals. It has detailed information about the crucial precautions necessary to prevent the spread of the virus. It is printed using high resolution dye-sublimation printing. You can choose to have the graphics printed on one side or both.

Advertising Pandemic Backdrops with Aluminum Frames

A sturdy aluminum frame is the base of the backdrop, on which the display is to be fitted. No tools are needed to install the frame. It snaps into shape quickly and effortlessly. Dismantling it is also equally hassle-free. Being lightweight it can be moved around easily.

Available in three different sizes such as, (W x H) 8’x 8’, 10’ x 8’ and 20’ x 10’. You can customize with us and choose to take the frame with the display or just the display or just the frame. Our eye-catching, portable advertising backdrop is the perfect tool for you to spread awareness and create an impact.

Bulk Order Discount on Straight Pillow Case Backdrops

We have an exclusive bulk order discount on our backdrops. This discount is commensurate with the number of orders you place. Whatever your organization size, you are sure to save on the budget allotted for spreading health messages. Additionally, while checking out select our ‘Priority’ shipping to ensure the quickest possible delivery.