10' x 8' Backdrop Display Package


"Gain instant brand exposure through the 10'x8' backdrop display package"

Tradeshows and conferences have become the new battlegrounds for businesses and brands vying for the top spot. All of this makes for fascinating viewing for customers, who are drawn towards the best looking and most creative booths on show. The added pressure on businesses to standout at these events have forced them to dip into their pockets and come out with impressive new designs for banners, displays and booths.

However, not every business can afford a fancy and expensive display booth, but with BannerBuzz.ca by your side, you don't need to worry about such things. Our 10'x8' backdrop display package is perfect for businesses looking to standout at any conference or tradeshow. The best part is that it is affordable and offers the following features:

  • A roll up banner stand (3'x6') for showcasing brand message.
  • An attention grabbing premium white table cover (8'x2.5')
  • A straight pillow backdrop (10'x8') for maximum exposure.

Don't just stand out from your competition, blow them away with high quality 10'x8' backdrop display package.

Shine brighter than anyone

There is no one that understands the importance of branding and brand image than BannerBuzz.ca. This is the reason why we offer multitudes of banners, displays, feather flags and booths, which can be customized completely according to requirements. We can help your business setup a unique and eye-catching display booth that will instantly attract people to your brand.

The premium white table cover (8'x2.5') makes sure that it isn't just your banners that standout out but the table at your booth is also decorated. You can add different designs, and styles to the table cover, which is available in different colors to match with your brand or branding message.

Impress your audience with quality backdrop displays

In order to stand out amongst your competition you need to focus on your backdrop displays as well. Fortunately for you, at BannerBuzz.ca we have high quality backdrop display packages that will impress your audience. Try out our straight pillow backdrop (10'x8'), which is different and will generate curiosity amongst your audience.

At the end of the day it is all about putting on a show at conferences and tradeshows, and there is no one that excels at showmanship better than BannerBuzz.ca. We will help you advertise your brand message in the ideal way and put on a show with roll up banner stand (3'x6') that will live long in the memory of your audience.

Make a strong and professional statement

The backdrop package that we offer is made of premium quality materials and is completely customizable according to the requirements of your business. We know how to market businesses, brands, and products, at tradeshows and conferences and can easily create a custom backdrop package for you at affordable costs.

You can choose the color of the display, as well as the design, and the graphics that you want on them, so that your personal backdrop display is unique and stands out at tradeshows and conferences. If you are looking for high quality premium backdrops, then visit us today.