2x3 Micro GeoMetrix Table Top Display


Promote Your Business with 2 X 3 Micro GeoMetrix Table Top Displays

Table Top GeoMetrix Displays are Durable, and High-Quality

Most businesses want an efficient promotional tool that can help grow sales. Companies are constantly on the hunt for new branding possibilities to obtain a competitive advantage. At trade exhibitions, festivals, or farmers' markets, our portable table top displays allow you to create original 3-dimensional presentations that will attract notice and stick in the minds of your customers.

Made of durable, high-quality aluminum, the frames are corrosion-proof and weather resistant. The tabletop trade show displays comprise a 240 GSM stretch polyester fabric that can endure wear and tear and does not stretch out easily. The fabric is moisture-wicking for added durability, allowing you to market your brand comfortably in an outdoor setting.

Dye-sublimation printing produces smooth color variations with excellent resolution, so the graphics are clearly visible from afar. This enables you to increase interaction by placing the portable table top displays in an open area or directly in front of your consumers.

BannerBuzz provides personalization options to match your needs and budget. If you have your own graphics, you may acquire the hardware alone or choose to modify the designs from a collection of ready-to-use templates to better fit your requirements. This ensures that the table top displays you select are appropriate for your marketing goals.

Portable and Easy to Install Table Top Displays

Micro GeoMetrix displays are perfectly portable due to lightweight aluminum and polyester materials, allowing you to transfer and utilize the exhibits elsewhere to improve ROI. For simple transportation and storage, a convenient carry bag is included. You may quickly pack up and move your displays to arenas of increased engagement to better communicate your brand message.

The pre-installed graphic panels on the tabletop trade show displays save time and effort during installation. There are no tools or event labor required, and the provided setup instructions are simple to follow. For quick assembly, strong magnetic connections automatically lock the frame. This frees you up to focus on increasing interaction to boost sales.

Micro GeoMetrix Displays Offer Bulk Order Discounts and Multiple Shipping Options

When buying in quantities of 2 to 100 or more, small and large enterprises may receive discounts. You can also choose from a variety of shipping options, including doorstep delivery, based on your budget and urgency. With bulk quantities of portable table top displays, you can equip your company with the tools needed to enhance sales and efficiently showcase your business.

Table Top Displays for Connecting with New Customers

Robust, portable, and simple to install, BannerBuzz table top trade show displays help your business engage with customers.

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