Acrylic Letters and Numbers

Acrylic Letters and Numbers


Make a Splash with Our Premium Quality Acrylic Lettering!

  • Laser cut for superior edge finish.
  • Various size, shape, font or logo custom cut.
  • Interior and exterior use.

Get more Customers Through the Door with our Premium Quality Acrylic Sign Letters!

Innovative acrylic sign letters can give your business the edge it needs to stay ahead of the curve. They not only appeal to new people that walk past your business, but will also impress your clients. Our acrylic lettering is just what your business needs to get people to take notice of your brand.

Business Signs Work & Here's Why!

5 Reasons Why Business Signs Work


As a brick and mortar store owner, your sign is going to play an important marketing role and will even work as a guidepost to guide people towards your business. If you are new to the business, or area, having a creatively designed signpost of your business that has been adorned with our eye-catching acrylic lettering can really work its magic in getting the locals interested in your brand and try out your product.

Brand Promise

The signage you use for your business should always be neat and clearly designed. A signage with smudged lettering will have the opposite effect.

This is why our premium quality acrylic lettering that not only lets your business stand out from the crowd, but also makes each and every word interesting to look at.

Special Occasions

Even if it's a special occasion, our premium quality acrylic lettering is a great way to get your customers interested for an event or special corporate occasion. You can get our acrylic writing customized according to your needs in the colour and shape of your choice to get your audience interested in your special event.


In a dynamic and competitive business environment, nothing can create a buzz like our acrylic sign letters. They are sleek, clear, and are also great to look at, making them any company that wants success the only viable choice. Our acrylic letters are built with the best quality material and look great just about anywhere.

For more information on our premium quality acrylic lettering contact us today at Banner Buzz!