Acrylic Packaging Tapes - Clear

Acrylic Packaging Tapes - Clear


Acrylic Adhesive Clear Packaging Tape with Excellent Holding Power for Heavy-Duty Packaging & Shipping

  • Polypropylene backing film material with 1.8 mil thickness
  • It has high holding power, tensile strength, and easy unwind.
  • An ideal choice for both low and high humid environment
  • Operates well between -40°F to +140°F.
  • It is moisture, chemical and UV resistant.
  • Easy handling, clarity and long-lasting.
  • Quantity below refers to the case Qty wherein 2” x 55 Yds come in a pack of 72 rolls/case, while 3” x 55 Yds come in a pack of 48 rolls/case.

Acrylic Adhesive Clear Packaging Tape Adheres Quickly & Provides High Shear Strength

Acrylic tapes are ideal for packaging goods involving extreme temperatures, such as refrigeration, and for sealing boxes that will be warehoused over a long period of time. Despite its high adhesive strength and flexibility, acrylic adhesive tape performs well in a wide variety of environments.

BannerBuzz Acrylic Adhesive Clear Packaging Tapes can be used to seal all kinds of materials such as boxes and packages. In addition to its strong adhesive property, it ensures the transportation safety of your parcels and packages

This tape provides excellent holding power for heavy-duty packaging and shipping, and easy-to-use shipping tape that will not split or rip during application. The clear packing tape rolls have a standard 4-inch core which is a common size for most tape dispensers.

This multipurpose clear tape will keep your packaging look nice and professional. This tape offers better adhesion and flexibility. The high-quality tape can be used for many jobs such as shipping, short-term storage and box or carton sealing.

Acrylic Adhesive Clear Packaging Tape is Temperature Resistant & has Long Shelf Life

Our tape offers a wider temperature application range starting from +32° F to 150° F whereas +30°F to +200°F for the operating range. An acrylic carton sealing tape is ideal for applications in any weather condition. This tape also has stronger resistance to oxidation, allowing it to be uninfluenced by exposure to sunlight. With up to 1 year of warranty, industrial tape stands up to heat, humidity and cold.

Acrylic Adhesive Clear Packaging Tape Available with 2 Rolls Per Case

With high adhesion and adaptability, this industrial tape comes in a pack of 72 rolls case for size (2” x 55 Yds) and 48 Rolls per Case for size (3” x 55 Yds). Suitable for all general carton sealing and packaging in warehouses, mailrooms, homes and more. Now, you can easily order Adhesive Clear Packaging Tapes for packaging in extreme temperatures and for sealing boxes that will be warehoused over a long period of time from BannerBuzz.