All About Coronavirus Disease Roll Up Banner Stands


High Quality, Durable Roll Up Banner Stands are Portable and Easy to Set Up

Effectively raising public awareness about airborne diseases is an issue many companies encounter. Most businesses are in need of quick and effective banner stand solutions that will display lots of relevant information to visitors and staff. Our premium-quality roll up banner stands offer a flexible tool to inform and educate, to aid in stopping the spread of the diseases. You can set the stands up in just a few minutes to display the banners wherever the information is most pertinent, depending on your facility.

Our retractable banner stands are made from anodized aluminum with corrosion and rust-resistant properties. The 280 micron PP (polypropylene) for the banner graphics is tear-resistant and long-lasting. This durable hardware and graphic materials enable the banner stands to survive demanding external conditions like strong winds, to allow them to serve your business for longer.

Printed using 600 DPI scans, the pull-up banner stands integrate quality prints, with every word or detail easily legible from a distance. The UV printing delivers a full colour, vibrant finish designed to capture the attention of drive-bys, walk-bys and walk-ins to relay essential information. These sharp and attention-grabbing graphics help in cogently communicating your message to your audience.

Adjustable spring tension and alignment make our banner stands portable and easy to set up. These roll up banner stands employ a spring mechanism that automatically retracts the banner into the base with no rolling or folding. This makes these banner stands easy to set up, fold, store, and transport. The banner fabric is lightweight and takes only seconds to set up so that you have a quick signage solution ready to display wherever it's appropriate. A sturdy travel bag is available for safe storage of the graphics sheet after simply retracting it.

Customisable Pull Up Banner Stands Deliver Reliable Stability

Customisable, these retractable banner stands give business owners the option to choose from a variety of sizes and components to suit the unique requirements of their facilities. Four distinct sizes are available, each with the option to include vibrant preprinted banner graphics for ready-to-use signage to spread awareness about and assist in curbing the spread of the airborne virus.

Our stands include a 3 piece bungee pole measuring 15 mm in length and 1 mm in thickness to provide stable support during installation and while in operation. The bases of these pull up banner stands are robust and strong enough to sustain the weight of the display banner and components while maintaining position. Due to their stability, you can reposition the banner stands virtually anywhere around your premises to communicate the awareness message effectively.

Retractable Banner Stands Require Simple Care and Maintenance

For general care and maintenance, our roll up banner stands are quick and easy to clean. Just wipe them down gently using a moistened cloth. The whole process takes a few minutes and there is no need for a cleaning agent. This ensures that the materials and graphics quality remain intact throughout years of service with easy care.

Roll Up Banner Stands for Effectively Spreading Awareness on Coronavirus

Inform and spread awareness to your audience in and around your facilities with high-quality, durable and portable pull up banner stands.

  • 280 micron PP graphics material
  • Anodized aluminum hardware
  • Full-colour, 600 DPI, UV printing
  • Easy to clean
  • 240 GSM Graphics weight

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