Backlit Film


Backlit films have been part and parcel of advertising for several years now. At Bannerbuzz we are proud to be part of that tradition and are considered leading names when it comes to supplying quality backlit film in indoor and outdoor backlit banners at rates that need to be seen to be believed.

What is a Backlit Film, and How does it Work?

A backlit film is a front print or viewing film which can make your signs stand out among others! The vivid display, reflected ink density and high res images can make any brand message as clear as crystal and thus ensure maximum exposure of you brand message.

A custom light box illuminates the film from behind, bringing the vibrant and rich colors of your ad or brand message on the banner to the fore. This is ideal for posters and banners that are set in areas that have poor lighting, such as subways or malls.

If you are struggling to attract more customers to your products, then a backlit banner that utilizes this film will prove invaluable and also cost effective. That's because:

  • They are thicker and thus, more durable than typical vinyl.
  • They offer amazing graphics.
  • Easy to remove and replace.
  • They are weather resistant, regardless of season.
  • Does not need to be laminated.
  • Is created using cutting edge printing processes.
  • Can be set up both indoors and out.

In other words, signage that utilizes backlit films can ensure your advertisements remain in your target markets memory for a long time and thus increase your turnover rates.

How can Bannerbuzz Help?

At Bannerbuzz, we use only the best quality backlit film for backlit film signs for event signage, outdoor advertising and even long term displays. Besides quick service, our prices cannot be beat; for less than $7 we use the newest quality digital printers on quality materials in the industry (13 oz). Come rain or shine, our water proof ink will also ensure that your outdoor backlit film sign remains a sight to behold.

That's not all. We also offer the quickest turnaround time in the industry. Place your order and see it delivered the next day, right to your doorstep. Want to order in bulk, but are on a budget? No problem. We also offer special discounts on large orders as well as complimentary shipping for all orders that exceed $99.

We use only the best special translucent materials to ensure your banner remains luminescent in the darkest of nights and in low lighting conditions.

Surprised? Don't be. Our customers are like our family and like family, we will do everything it takes to ensure your business gets as much exposure as possible with bespoke backlit film signs. We use sturdy materials and anti-UV ink in each outdoor banner so that it can display your message in all its glory for as long as need be.

So what are you waiting for? Call us now for a quick quote and place your business on the map with our custom backlit banner signs!