Blank Frosted Decals


Frosted Decals for Windows Offer Privacy, Durability and Easily Installation

Any facility with glass fronts may face the issue of maintaining privacy. Salon owners, medical professionals, and others may need to actively protect the privacy of clientele. This necessitates a solution that can protect your storefront or office from unwanted observers. An effective way to do so is with frosted vinyl decals. You can apply the decals to prevent outsiders from looking in.

Blank window decals are an efficient way to ensure that your space is safe from external scrutiny. These have a frost affected front and a white back which ensure that no one from the outside can look in. Apply these to interior or exterior glass walls to create distraction-free and segregated spaces.

Made of monomeric PVC with an excellent glue strength of 12N/25mm, these outdoor vinyl decals ensure strong adhesion to surfaces. As these do not peel off easily, the decals will serve you for a long time. Their resistance to daily wear and tear makes them suitable for external windows.

You can apply these frosted glass decals with a simple squeegee tool, which saves you time. The squeegee easily installs the decals without with no breaks or tears. This method of application provides a smooth surface, free of bubbles.

Easily Customize and Care for the Glass Window Decals

We offer frosted window decals in many sizes. We also allow you to customize a size for a perfect fit. You can choose to add the Pantone Matching System (PMS) for color consistency. Add any specific instruction to customize the decals further.

Our blank window decals are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance. Dusters, spray cleaners, or cleaning cloths are sufficient to keep the decals looking fresh.

Order Bulk Custom Decals for Discounts

Select any of the multiple shipping options, including doorstep delivery, depending on your budget and speed of deliver. You can get discounts for orders ranging from 2 to over 500 frosted vinyl decals. We package the products with maximum care.

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