Blank Hang Tags


Key Features

  • Prominent Impact: Thick 14 pt. Cardstock enhances your brand's visibility in the Canadian market
  • Exceptional Quality: Elevate your brand in Canada with premium Gloss & Matte finishes
  • Dynamic Colors: Gloss boosts vibrancy; Matte brings a sophisticated, understated look
  • Sustainable Craft: Crafted from renewable materials, emphasizing environmental care
  • Creative Freedom: Customizable tags provide endless possibilities for brand uniqueness
  • Elegant Sustainability: Eco-friendly, high-quality materials blend luxury with eco-consciousness

Product Overview

Improve Your Brand with Premier Blank Hang Tags: Gloss & Matte Finishes

Step into a world of unmatched excellence with our premium Hanging Tags. Far from being mere labels, these hang tags represent the pinnacle of craftsmanship, presented in two stunning finishes: Gloss and Matte. Each is crafted to elevate your brand's visibility, with the 14 pt. Cardstock Gloss offering a robust, dense feel that exudes quality. Its glossy surface magnifies color vibrancy, ensuring your hang tags for clothing or any merchandise stand out in brilliance.

On the flip side, the 14 pt. Cardstock Matte imparts an air of sophistication with its smooth, glare-free finish, providing a powerful yet understated brand statement. Made from Eco-friendly materials, these tags are not only eye-catching but also planet-conscious, setting a bold standard. We recommend conducting a test print if you plan to use ballpoint pens (oil-based ink) or permanent markers for best results.

Creative Freedom Unleashed: Customizable Hang Tags for Distinctive Branding

Unlock unlimited potential with our customizable blank hang tags. Designed to spark your creativity, they offer a limitless platform for you to broadcast your brand’s essence, whether you prefer bold colors or minimalist chic. Perfect for personalized hang tags tailored for a unique boutique line or uniform branding across all your offerings, our solutions for personalized hang tags for clothing, accessories, or limited editions are more accessible than ever. Recognizing the value of precision, we suggest pre-testing on our specially coated paper to ensure your designs translate flawlessly onto the tags.

Sustainable Excellence: Eco-Friendly Hang Tags for Conscious Branding

In today’s world, where sustainability is a top priority, our Eco-friendly blank paper hang tags shine as not just identifiers but also emblems of eco-conscious branding and packaging. Proudly crafted from sustainable resources without compromising on quality or strength, these tags demonstrate our dedication to environmental responsibility. While we keep specific delivery details confidential, rest assured that our production and shipping methods are optimized for utmost efficiency and dependability, showcasing our belief that true luxury shouldn’t involve unnecessary delays. Choose our Affordable blank hang tags to redefine customer perceptions of value, seamlessly blending excellence with environmental stewardship.