Back to School Spirit: 6 Ways to Use Banners in Your School

At the start of a new school year, banners can serve as an effective and versatile choice for getting the message across. Use these products to promote upcoming events, welcome new students, encourage school spirit, and show support for teams and clubs.

Well-designed and compelling steps & repeat banners can help grab the school’s attention and drive fundraising initiatives. With the right tools, you can maximize the impact of your school banners and generate more school spirit on campus.

Start the school year off strong with these fun and effective ideas.

Use School Colors for Consistency

When it comes to picking colors for the school banners, sticking with the existing palette is the best choice. Include school logos, mascots, and mottos to keep the theme going strong. Enhance the color of the banners with other visual elements like balloons, table covers, posters, and more. Choose an accent color from the palette and place items in these colors near school banners to make the message pop.

Whether the banners are meant to decorate the practice fields or hallways, consistent color choice, font, and design elements will create strong visuals for boosting school spirit. Colors help create depth and contrast while simultaneously allowing the core message to stand out.

Color is an essential element of effective banner design that can help attract attention and improve retention. Using school colors on the banner is also an excellent way to create a polished, uniformed look for your campus.

Choose Easy-to-Read Fonts for Your Banners

Another element of success with school banners is choosing simple, concise, and legible fonts. It is beneficial to pick fonts that support the purpose of the banner, promote a cohesive school image, and are scannable. Choosing fonts that fit these criteria improves comprehension.

The key here is not to overcrowd the banner with too much text and information. Make sure to use easy-to-read fonts and stay consistent with all the banners. Use bold or enlarged text to communicate important information to the student body.

Add the Mascot to the Mix

One of the best ways to catch students’ attention throughout the day is to add the school mascot to banners with messages of encouragement. This communication tactic is an excellent way to promote a positive in-school experience.

If there are young students in the school, it is helpful to keep in mind there may be varying levels of literacy among the student body. Using images and directional signage to support simple, scannable messages is a great way to make young students feel included while boosting school spirit.

Hang Your Banner in a High-Traffic Area

One of the main benefits of banners is that they can be placed on any vertical surface and promote school achievements effectively. However, make sure to place the banner stands in populated areas to ensure message exposure. Place banners with important updates just outside the school’s entrance or lobby to catch the eye of students and parents waiting in drop-off lines.

A well-placed banner could generate increased revenue for school fundraisers such as bake sales, book fairs, dance events, etc. Hanging banners with sports schedules near roadways, on campus, or anywhere in the community could increase sporting event turnouts as well.

Prepare for the Outdoors

Choosing the appropriate material for the banner depends on its location. Harsh weather conditions can ruin traditional school banners made of cloth or paper. A large banner placed just outside the school should be made of a material sturdy enough to withstand outdoor conditions, or else it runs the risk of getting destroyed.

Vinyl step and repeat banners are sturdy, durable, tear-resistant, and withstand harsh sun or rain. Rest assured that the ink on these banners will not fade since they are completely UV resistant. High-quality outdoor vinyl banners protect the message and your investment.

Best Banners for Indoor Displays

Cloth banners, on the other hand, work well for any interior communication needs. Place cloth banners in classrooms, libraries, and cafeterias to share encouraging messages, showcase sports and testing schedules, or remind students of school policies. The banners must be secured with grommets and rope to prevent sagging or falling.

Start the Year of Strong

Most campuses juggle a jam-packed event schedule and routinely make important announcements. Whether it is promoting safety protocols, announcing upcoming standardized test dates, or simply boosting school spirit, banners can help achieve these communication goals. Next time you buy a school banner, consider these tips and the ways to effectively communicate important dates and messages of support with students, parents, and faculty.

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