How to Choose Your Banners Wisely

Presentation is important. When it comes to finding the right marketing materials for your business, there are a lot of options to explore. Banners, for instance, are a versatile choice with many different sizes and materials available. When properly researched and planned for, it’s easy to find the perfect signage to amplify your instore, out of home, and event marketing initiatives. There are, however, some key considerations to help you choose your banners wisely so they can support your sales and advertising goals. 

The Importance of Permits

Before you purchase your banners, check with your local government for zoning and permit information. Each area has unique restrictions about where and when you can display your advertising materials. If you are purchasing banners for a political campaign, this is particularly important. Make sure you know the size, height, and design restrictions that apply to your community and keep these rules in mind as you place your banner order. 

Banner Sales

Signage is proven to influence consumer behavior. Whether you want to drive in-store sales, grab the eye of passersby, or have exceptional event branding, banners can give your business a signal boost. A study conducted by Arbitron found that people spend an average of 20 hours per week in their cars. Interestingly, the study also found that out of home (OOH) advertising can significantly impact these motorists’ purchasing habits. 

According to the study, 71% of motorists frequently look at the messages on roadside billboards and 68% make shopping decisions while they are in their cars. Outdoor banners are a fantastic investment for your OOH initiatives. In fact, 32 percent of drivers visited a business they saw advertised on a billboard sometime during the week. You do not need a pricey billboard space to get your message to motorists. High-quality, durable outdoor banners have that same ability to grab the attention of any driver. 

On the Road to Salesville

Use roadside banners to influence impulse purchases with these commuters. Since a significant number of drivers make purchasing decisions while driving home from work, outdoor banners are a perfect vehicle to advertise daily specials. Nearly 60% of customers are interested in buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS) options. You can use banners to showcase this type of convenient buying option available at your store. If customers can place orders from their phone while driving home and conveniently pick their items up on the way, that’s a highly valuable service to drive increased sales. Make sure your outdoor banners are well designed with scannable messages so drivers can easily read them at high speeds. 

What Banners Have in Store

Banners are great for brick-and-mortar store purchases too. Whether you adorn your front door with sales and promotional messages or encourage targeted purchases with shelf signage, banners can boost impulse purchasing decisions. Eight out of every ten impulse buys are made at brick-and-mortar stores. If you have inventory you want to move, place a shelf banner next to the products in question. Almost 90% of customers use their mobile device to assist with their in-store purchasing decisions. You can add a product discount or QR code coupon to a vinyl shelf banner to entice customers with unbeatable deals. 

Show-Stopping Options

According to a recent Gallup poll, 75% of respondents are experiencing screen fatigue. Banners could be the advertising remedy for this digital disconnect. Catching a customer’s eye is the first step in breaking this digital malaise, building brand awareness, and boosting sales. A survey conducted by FedEx found that 67% of customers made a purchase because a sign caught their eye.

Grabbing your customers’ attention on the go is vital for generating new business leads. When you purchase banners for outdoor use, choose durable materials like PVC flex material. This sturdy material can withstand outside elements while providing vibrant print quality to maintain the integrity of your design and message. Customers will definitely take note of the quality of your banners.

Quality outdoor marketing and advertising collateral are made of durable materials that keep your printed designs in pristine condition for your roadside and storefront advertisements. You can have a bit of fun with your marketing items and purchase a blowup man to place next to your signage. The movement and height of this addition will definitely make customers take notice. 

Make A Statement with Materials

Modern customers seek meaningful transactions and want to know which issues your brand cares about. A recent survey published by IBM found that eight out of ten respondents indicated that sustainability considerations shape their purchasing decisions. Approximately 70% of those respondents would be willing to pay a 35% premium for environmentally responsible brands. 

If sustainability is important to you, showcase your commitment to going green with eco-friendly outdoor banners. This PVC-free banner alternative will support any environmentally-conscious business. Additionally, you can use these as indoor banners to showcase your sustainability efforts on the sales floor. According to Intuit Mint Life, nearly 40% of customers are shopping locally to support the businesses in their community. You can help shoppers find locally-sourced products by placing shelf banners and aisle signs next to items that fit the bill. 

Location, Location, Location

When you purchase banners, consider where you will be placing your signage. If your banner will boost brand awareness at an outdoor event or trade show, consider purchasing larger-scale banners and use poles and pole brackets to give your message height to stand out from the crowd at these large event spaces. Flags and banner stands are great options to enhance your booth or event set ups too.

If your banners will be in outdoor environments, make sure you purchase high-quality signage that is UV resistant to prevent fading; durable material with finished edges will also help eliminate fraying. 

Outdoor banners with directional messaging work well for shopping malls or roadside signage. If you have a grand opening event, adding messages like “TURN HERE” or using arrows can help customers locate your storefront. 

Location Banners

When it comes to storefront and salesfloor advertising, there are several different-sized banners to consider. Small shelf signage works great for targeted promotions while holiday banners can support your seasonal sales. Cloth and mesh banners offer a lot of versatility for your indoor advertising initiatives too. 

High-quality materials ensure your banners meet optimal printing and that they can withstand environmental conditions. Consider the scale and location of your event and make sure your signage meets local community standards. Well-designed signs need to be properly displayed for optimal effect, so consider how readers will view your banners. These considerations will ensure your banner investment reaches the widest possible audience and make a positive impression on potential customers. 


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