A Beginner’s Guide to Wage the Wind vs. Banners Battle

Banners and signs are cost-effective tools that help you make those much-needed impressions on your target market. With great brand strategy, expert graphic design, and perfect placement, your signage has a great chance to positively impact your business, making your sales soar. While outdoor banners are the perfect way to rise above the competition, bad weather can put a damper on your advertising initiatives. To protect them, you need some key considerations and tips that will put wind, rain, and other weather elements on their heels. 

Wind Brings a Powerful Boost to Business

Nearly 60% of businesses reported that changing the design or improving the visibility of their signage had a positive impact on sales, with an average increase of about 10%. Adding banners to your storefront or out of home advertising strategy can boost sales, but it is important to make sure these items are properly assembled first. 

When it Comes to Wind, Size Doesn’t Matter

Ford Motorcompany is one of the most recognizable brands in the world, but in 2017, the brand made headlines for a different reason. Despite climate-related design considerations, Ford’s world-famous sign was ripped away from the company’s headquarters due to an evening of high wind gusts. Thankfully, no one was injured in the incident, largely due to the sign’s lightweight, flexible design. 

Even the signage of a multi-billion business is no match for Mother Nature. Buying the appropriate banner materials and knowing how to securely install these items will protect your signage from the elements and safeguard your business from serious liabilities. 

Location, Location, Location

Legibility was chosen by consumers as the most important characteristic of signs. If your signs are frayed, ripped, or faded, you may miss out on new business. Knowing what materials work best for different environments and where to place your banners for maximum visibility will help you keep your banners in pristine condition and get the maximum return on investment. 

The Shape of Banners to Come

Custom banners are a great option because you can choose the appropriate dimensions for your space. The size, shape, and material composition of your custom indoor or outdoor banners will be determined by the location you wish to place them.  If you need outdoor banners, then you need to choose high-quality, weather-proof materials such as vinyl that can withstand wind, rain, and intense sun exposure.

Outdoor Banners

When using outdoor banners, your first consideration is climate. For instance, if you have a beach-based business, strong off-shore storms – even hurricanes – can seriously impact your signage. 

Hurricane season typically begins around the first of June and ends in November. While there’s really no way to hurricane-proof a banner, you can get heavyweight vinyl, such as 16-ounce vinyl material. It’s stronger and will hold up better against strong winds. Come hurricane time… take your banners down and store them.

Indoor Banners

While indoor banners are typically not exposed to harsh outdoor elements, it is important to factor in any interior airflow considerations that might make your signage hard to read. If you’re at a trade show, for example, your event banners or sales floor signage might be near large air conditioning units. The gusts of air could cause your signs to wrinkle, tear, or blow away. Therefore, it is important to use sturdy banner materials with grommets and zip-ties to keep your banners wrinkle-free and easy-to-read. 

The Right Material Makes All the Difference

Some materials are better at withstanding the outdoor elements than others. Given that 68% of consumers believe the quality of a company’ signage reflects the quality of that brand’s products or services, it’s important to choose materials that won’t rip or fray. After all, you want your outdoor advertising investments to attract new business, and damaged banners could send the wrong message to your customers. 

When it comes to weather-resistant options, banners made from mesh materials reign supreme. Vinyl mesh banners are great for advertising in high-wind areas. Small holes in the material allow wind to pass through the banner so you don’t have to worry about your signage wrinkling or folding. This material preserves the integrity of your signs from rain, snow, or intense sun exposure, which prevents fading and tearing.

Vinyl banners are the other go-to, excellent choice for outdoor advertising. These banners feature high-resolution printing with UV, fade-resistant ink, so, rain or shine, your banners can outlast the competition’s. Top-quality PVC flex material is a durable choice, and it is easy to install and clean, which is perfect for seasonal promotional signage or event advertising. 

Tips for a Stellar Install

There are a few methods of sign installation that can protect your banner investment from the elements. 

Grommets: These are the metal rings that are normally attached to the four corners of a banner. You can interweave a rope from one grommet to the next along the top and bottom of each banner. This method works by keeping large outdoor signs taught and distributes the wind speed more evenly over a large surface area versus simply tying the banner at each corner. 

Bungee Cords: When using bungee cords, the material allows the cord to move with the wind speed, which is an even better option. The bungee cord method allows for greater movement of the banner, which can prevent ripping or tearing in the event of high-speed wind gusts. 

Banner Stands: If you want to advertise on-the-go or have promotion-specific signage, banner stands provide sturdy reinforcement. Roll-up banner stands feature a durable metal base and retractable functionality. The spring mechanism allows you to easily assemble or break-down your outdoor banners. These banner stands are easy to store and offer the perfect portable option for wind-proof outdoor event advertising. 

Finding Weather-Proof Alternatives Is Breeze

If you still have weather-related advertising concerns, consider ordering custom window decals or flags. These wind-resistant options are perfect for the stormy season. 

Decals add a pop of color and eye-catching design to your storefront window while the movement of flags create an eye-catching focal point for curious customers. Teardrop flags feature a unique design that won’t fold or need constant readjustment in windy conditions. Their waterproof, UV-resistant fabric makes flags a great addition to any company’s advertising campaign. 


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