The Signs of Summer: 6 Key Suggestions Using Outdoor Signage for Summertime Events

After a year of virtual events and endless Zoom meetings, everyone is itching to get outside and celebrate better weather. As vaccination rates increase, people have more confidence about safely getting out of the house. Market forecasters predict a considerable uptick in foot traffic for this season and there are a lot of ways your business can benefit from this trend. Catching the eye of this season’s shoppers and outdoor event attendees is easy if you have the right outdoor signage for your summertime events. 

Summer Safety

Summer is finally here, which is something to celebrate. However, COVID-19 considerations should still apply to in-store and outdoor business operations. Even though 66% of American adults reported receiving at least one dose of the vaccine, the CDC recommends placing highly visible safety signs at your place of business. 

Print protective measure reminders on storefront signs or outdoor banners to remind patrons to wear a mask or social distance while they place orders and browse your merchandise. This small step will keep safety top of mind and your customers and employees protected so you can make the most of the summer sales season. 

Winning at Wayfinding

Searching for something you cannot find is incredibly frustrating. If your company is not using directional signage to guide customers to and through your store, this could be a huge consumer pain point. Sidestepping a frustrating shopping experience is key for increasing customer loyalty. Afterall, 73% of shoppers cite customer experience as the most important factor in their purchasing decisions. 

Directional signage is particularly important for outdoor events. Ask event managers if you can place signs near parking lots, along sidewalks, or even near public restrooms. Use signs to your advantage and help customers locate your setup within the event space. Place feather flags or large banners above your event set up to add height to your marketing message. This placement technique will make it easy for customers to spot your logo. Be sure to use colors that pop and a clear message for your directional signs. Simple messages with your brand’s name and an arrow pointing in the direction of your setup can be very useful. 

Setting a Social Stage

Social media has become a powerful marketing tool. According to the Global Web Index, 54% of social media users check these platforms and research companies and products before they purchase. Another study found that customers are 71% more likely to purchase products through social media referrals. 

The Cost of Being Social

There are cost-effective ways small businesses can leverage social media to boost brand awareness and increase sales. You can use social media to grow your customer outreach. Purchase a canopy for your next outdoor event and liven it up with colorful pillows, fabrics, and company-branded accessories. This backdrop is the perfect setting for a selfie-worthy photo booth. Add foam board cutouts or printed signs with fun sayings and hashtags and your customers will love snapping some photos. 

According to 37% of event planners, social media exposure is the key indicator of a successful event. When you use branded signs and event set ups to encourage social media engagement with your customers, you create incredible brand exposure opportunities for very little cost. 

Your brick and mortar can benefit from Instagram-worthy backdrops too. Add a branded step n repeat to your sales floor and host a giveaway or offer discounts for customers who take a selfie and tag your business on their shared social media posts. 

Small Biz Brand Awareness

You could have the most amazing products or reliable services but if customers do not know your business exists you will not be able to grow your company. Fortunately, brand awareness techniques can help you grow your outreach and increase your sales without busting your budget. 

Over 60% of marketers believe that in-person events are the most effective marketing channel. Optimize your event marketing strategy to ensure maximum consumer outreach. When it comes to pop-up shops and outdoor events, branding can make or break your sales. If customers cannot find your location, they will spend their money elsewhere. Get creative with your signs and outdoor banners for events. Place signage next to branded giveaways, spokespersons, or even flowers or balloons to grab event attendees’ attention. 

The key to making a lasting impression is consistency. If your company colors are red, black, and gray, don’t print blue signs with yellow colored fonts. According to Reboot Line, consistently using a signature color can boost brand awareness by 80%. Therefore, your brick and mortar aesthetic needs to translate to your event space with canopies, tents, and banners that match your company’s color palette and font choices. Consistency makes it easy for existing customers to locate your set up while giving new customers a good idea about what your brand has to offer. 

Chalk It Up

Give your sign strategy a creative twist with chalkboard signs. This marketing classic works great when placed on the sidewalk outside your storefront or repurposed for outdoor events. 

Over 67% of survey respondents told FedEx they purchased a product or service from a company because a sign caught their eye. Chalkboards are the perfect sidewalk showstoppers to grab customers’ attention and usher them into your sales space. Hire a chalk artistit to create a visually stunning sign with a strong call to action. 

Over 61% of Americans reported that they dined-in at a restaurant last month. Warm weather is perfect for patio seating and a chalkboard sign is a great way to let guests know your restaurant or cafe is open for business. Chalkboards work really well for farmers markets, crafts festivals, and live events too. This sign style adds a creative flare to your in-store and outdoor summertime events. 


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