Being Seen: Six Ways to Stand Out With Signs

Thanks to the advent of the internet, businesses have to reconsider who they view as competitors. Local businesses and online giants alike can easily usurp your customer base. With 69% of Americans shopping online, distinguishing yourself from the competition online is key; visibility is vital to your success. That means in today’s crowded market, you need to create physical marketing and advertising that connects with and expands your online presence. To do that, devising strategies to stand out with signs, banners and other custom printed materials is Success Step #1.

Support Brand Visibility 

Your business has seven seconds to make a first impression and it takes 5-7 impressions for customers to recognize your brand. This is critical to keep in mind when branding your brick and mortar business because you need to make your business memorable. Ensure your logo, font, and color choices are united across all platforms. Consistency is key for seamless connections between your social media followers, online customers and in person shoppers alike. 

Effectively brand your storefront with custom window signs. Window signs can be custom printed to fit most any budget and storefront size. When designing a window sign for your needs, keep color top of mind. Brands that use a signature color can increase brand recognition by 80%. So be intentional in your design and placement of your signage to effectively engage your target consumers.

Sell an Experience

The COVID 19 pandemic pummeled both stores and shoppers with its sudden and overwhelming arrival. Customers are, for the most part, preoccupied and anxious right now. Advertise upcoming special events and store offerings with banners to stay on customers’ radar. Shift your focus from a traditionally transactive business model to something more experiential. Create in store, socially distanced events or virtual workshops to keep customers engaged with your business and products. 

Work around limited occupancy constraints and advertise by-appointment personal shopping experiences. Restaurants can overcome hits to profitability by selling bulk meals-to-go or offering curbside pick up or delivery options. Position banners outside your storefront and near checkout counters to reach as many customers as possible. 

Bet on Impulse Buys

Flags are a fun, unique option for elevating your storefront messaging. In a report published by Slickdeals, 72% of respondents admitted to making impulse buys during the pandemic because it positively impacted their mood. Mind your message and use flags and signs to communicate how your products add value to a customer’s life. A one-time investment in a We are open flag or a Sale flag is a fantastic way to catch the eye of shoppers. 

A multipurpose Clearance or Now Open flag is a lightweight and cost effective option. They can be used with additional signage, like a seasonal or event banner, to promote specific events. Now Open flags are versatile and their height creates an initial focal point to lure interested customers to learn more about your store. 

A SALE flag or a Spring Clearance banner communicates with customers and drives in-store foot traffic. With customers proven to make impulse purchases and 8 out of 10 of those customers making those impulse purchases at a brick and mortar store, flags and banners fill your business’s needs for attention-grabbing investments. 

Use Signs to Build Trust

The pandemic catalyzed shifts in consumer shopping behavior as panic buying and anxiety skyrocketed. Familiarity, personalization and convenience gained even more importance and their inclusion in your customer communications grew as well. 

A Deloitte survey concluded 56% of consumers feel safe shopping in stores where COVID 19 guidelines are enforced. Put your customers’ minds at ease with mask and social distancing reminders. A great way to communicate safety guidelines to customers is with window signs. These bright visual aids show customers your commitment to safety and reassure them that visiting your store is a safe choice.

Apply the same level of care and communication beyond just your storefront. Social distancing floor decals and in-store signs help customers navigate store redesigns, alleviate confusion and allow customers to find what they need in a healthy, hassle-free manner.

Shopping Made Simple

The surge in consumers opting for online purchases puts physical location stores in a precarious position. It’s hard to compete with the ease of online shopping, but it isn’t impossible. Physical retail stores can emulate the simplicity of online shopping if they offer BOPIS options to their customers. Marketing research firm KIBO concluded BOPIS (buy online, pick up in store) orders were up a jaw dropping 563% as a result of COVID 19. Capitalize on this consumer trend with storefront flags and signs alerting customers that your business offers BOPIS and curbside delivery options. 

Storefront advertisements for BOPIS and in-store returns make customers more likely to shop your online store. A survey conducted by Doodle found that 15% of BOPIS customers purchased additional items in store while picking up the item they ordered online. Signage can help you cash in on this new shopping trend by promoting all your store has to offer in and around your pick-up location.

Multichannel Integration

Instead of viewing the e-commerce market as your competitor, combine elements of online and in store shopping to create a new experience. With more than 50 million small business owners using social media to connect with customers, if you are not actively engaging your online followers, chances are your competitors will. 

Content and copy are crucial tactics to engage potential customers. Create valuable, informative content that engages your customers and provides them with solutions. Your copy should do the same as well: it should be smart, short, and clear as to what your products or services offer and why they’re necessary. 

Drive in-store traffic by promoting upcoming events online as well. Follow Us Online signs with your social media handles are an easy touchpoint for customer connection. If your restaurant has a food truck or participates in pop up shops, a cohesive social media and mobile storefront strategy are necessary to connect all of your various points of sale to create maximum success. Use flags and banners with familiar colors, logo, and copy so customers can easily recognize your business in these new locations. This tactic ensures customers efficiently locate you to make a  purchase.

Stay Ahead of the Game With Signs

Supercharge your marketing strategy with proper signage. The printed sign market is expected to have a compound annual growth rate of 0.52% from 2021-2026. Make no mistake: effective sign strategies aren’t a thing of the past. They are a very real, very effective way for your business to create customer touchpoints right now.



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