Perforated Window Signs or One Way Vision Signs

Perforated Window Signs or One Way Vision Signs


Using perforated window signs is a good way to deflect sunlight while highlighting new promotions or advertising.

  • Easy peel-and-stick application
  • Oneway vision from inside to outside
  • The product will be in multiple pieces if width and height both are more than 58.5 inches

One way vision signs are same as perforated vision signs which work as window tints as well as provide one way vision from the inside. They are applied from outside the glass surface or on the outer side of the windows using the hassle free and simple peel-and-stick method of application.

They work as a very efficient advertising option as it utilizes plain glass surfaces of your store, office, boutique, or vehicle. At BannerBuzz, all orders come with a 100% price and quality guarantee as these one-way vision signs are printed using the best quality printers which give high quality, full color, 720 dpi to 1440 dpi resolution print output. These window signs can be easily and conveniently installed manually by following the simple installation instructions provided in the installation manual. There are also a number of videos on the internet for reference. Signs which are larger than 5 feet come in two parts for convenience in installation.

One Way Vision signs are one of the most cost-efficient advertising options as they utilize storefronts or other such glass surfaces which otherwise look very plain and dull and at the same time they work as shades for the windows that do not allow vision from outside while allowing the same from inside!