Bollard Covers - Triangle

Bollard Covers - Triangle

  • 5mm thick covers are made of high-quality corflute for lasting results.
  • Upload print-ready files online for custom graphics.
  • A range of ready-to-order, predefined sizes are available.
  • Bollard covers include a built-in self-locking system.
  • Full-color, 600 DPI, 3-sided printing for higher visibility.

High-quality, Eye-catching Triangular Bollard Covers for Branding

Make great use of your storefront to promote your business with quality-driven displays. Put bollards into use at the car parking or outside your store and derive the maximum advertising benefit with triangular bollard covers by BannerBuzz. The triangular shape and prints of the covers are striking for quick brand advertising, festive discount announcements, and other promotional awareness.

Custom bollard covers are used for outdoor purposes, and therefore they are made out of high-quality materials. A 5mm thick, 500 GSM weighed bollard cover is made of corflute to ensure long-term display. You do not have to worry about the color-retention of the imprints as the high-quality, full-color, 600 DPI (dots per inch) printing is applied for long-lasting graphics. Also, UV (ultra-violet) protective prints prevent the artwork from fading even if the covers get exposed to sun rays, UV rays, and other climatic situations. Hence, these high-quality aspects make sure to run your branding campaign outdoors without any harm or obstacle.

Custom bollard covers are easy-to-customize with your choice of graphics. To gain maximum benefit from outdoor brand advertising, create custom graphics by uploading print-ready promotional content, brand logo, name, or related images. For this action, you need to click on the ‘Upload Artwork & Checkout’ tab, and hence, the artwork will be submitted/uploaded in no time.

The triangular bollard covers come with a 3-sided printing feature. The graphics for your store advertisement will be printed on all three sides to assure effective brand awareness and higher visibility for existing & potential customers and passers-by, too.

Easy-to-Display Bollard Covers Available in Various Sizes

The custom bollard covers need no extra effort or time to get installed outdoors. With a built-in self-locking system, they are fixed perfectly or pop over the bollards or posts. (Posts are installed for controlling road traffic, preventing vehicles from colliding or crashing into pedestrians and other structures).

To offer you an unmatched experience of easy and quick ordering, we have listed predefined, ready-to-order sizes for bollard covers. Our 6 predefined sizes are available from 7 inches to 14 inches in width to meet the requirements of differently sized bollards. Check out the size tab for a quick brief on sizes available.

Cost-effective Triangular Bollard Covers at Bulk Discounts

Triangle bollard covers are available in different bulk quantities with applicable discounts to provide you with cost-saving purchases with us. Browse our bulk quantity discount tab and select the bulk quantities you wish to order for your storefront promotion. Bulk buying supports the business marketing campaigns, especially when you want to cover different locations for business awareness, shout-outs, and more.