Breakaway Banners


Make a Grand Entry At a Sports Event With a Custom Breakaway Banner

Want to announce your sports team to energize the crowd? A Breakaway Banner is exactly what you need to create a buzz about your team or to announce its arrival in a spectacularly. Get a custom sports banner or run-through banner that is capable of promoting your event distinctly and motivate the crowd to watch the game even more. 

Be it a basketball game or football tournament, make an impressive entry onto the court or field with a special banner that speaks for your team. To get a personalized breakaway banner, upload your design/artwork. Make the best use of it by browsing through our free design templates once. This will help you understand how you can design an effective banner. Choose your custom breakaway banner details and place your order. The end product that we will deliver to your doorstep will be a high-quality, durable, and beautifully printed run-through banner that you always wanted! 

What’s Different About a Breakaway Banner?

Wondering how this banner works and what makes it different from the usual advertising banners? Our Breakaway banner is made with a High-tech Dye-Sublimation printing process. This process allows us to achieve even the most complex designs. However, above all, the most intriguing feature that sets apart breakaway banners is its functionality. These custom banners are custom sewed in the middle using velcro. To make an impactful entry, teams break away the banner as they run through from the middle. This is where the name comes from. So, regardless it is a cheerleading banner or football breakthrough banner. To make an impactful entry, give your team a running start to break through a custom run through banner from BannerBuzz.

High Durability To Withstand Force

Due to the functionality of this banner, it is crucial to make it very durable so that it can take the force. When your team races onto the field from behind the breakaway banner, the force on the banner is considerable. This is why we make our banners using the highest quality of 9 Oz PVC Flex material. This material makes our banners sturdy and robust. 

Custom Design With Sharp Resolution Images

To order your banner now, customize it based on the below specifications:

  • High Quality PVC Flex
  • Multiple size options
  • Side pole pockets
  • Breakaway option

This is the right time to take advantage of BannerBuzz best quality banners at the lowest rates ever. Wait no more!