Canvas Banners

Canvas Banners


Canvas banners are given a non-reflective finish, which makes these banners perfect for theatrical productions, press conferences and trade shows.

  • Made from high quality art cotton canvas
  • The material is recyclable and can be thrown as domestic waste
  • Versatile and cost effective way to advertise your business

The Canvas banners are perfect for when showing your feelings via a classic photo or a message to the one you love. It adds and extra charm when placed at your home or office as canvas being part of interior design.

Custom canvas banners gather more consideration for size and position so to promote your business is a smart advertising tactic that can reimburse vast dividends with nominal investments.

Manufactured from 100% decomposable material and printed on high quality printer one of the best in the industry makes it outstanding as one with the oil painted canvas when placed anywhere. We believe in making memories special so when you share the special memory with us we make it visible for your loved once with a long impact.