Card Calendars

Card Calendars


Up Your Brand Visibility And Proximity To Your Customers By Adding A Personal Touch With Custom Card Calendars.

  • Ideal for business partnerships, office use, use in indoor as well as commercial environments.
  • High-Resolution printing with various dimensions and a wide range of finishes that suit your needs.
  • Design your own card calendars for a personalised touch or choose from our wide range of designs.
  • Customize important dates and other important elements for each recipient.
  • Product border Should be minimum 3 mm.Thin borders can come out lopsided due to the cutting process

"A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir."- Lisa Glansky

Card calendars are a smart and innovative way to promote your brand to customers in a subtle yet sleek way. Card calendars have a wide applicability and are used throughout the year, unlike regular cards, which may become irrelevant after being read once. Calendar cards also add a personalized touch to your brand, and leave a mark on your customer throughout the year.

These versatile and durable card calendars are ideally suited for:

  • Branding activities
  • Promotional activities
  • Indoor uses
  • Commercial uses

With custom calendar printing, articulate your brand and what it stands for in the best way possible and ensure year-long visibility. Configure them according to your needs, by selecting the paper material type and design that suits your brand the best. Available in:

  • 14 pt. Cardstock Gloss finish with colourful brilliance, made using stiff, thick cardstock with a sheen and vibrant colors.
  • 14 pt. Cardstock Matte finish for better writability and a non reflective, understated elegance.

These card calendars use paper from sustainable sources. Their compact and customizable design make them easy to store and use while keeping your brand visible and maintaining the utility of the custom card calendar. What better way to make a long-lasting impact?