Caution PPE Required Garden Flags


Durable, High-Quality Sublimation Garden Flags Feature Easy Installation

Personal protective equipment required notices are necessary to safeguard the public against airborne diseases or other potential hazards. Keeping employees and the public cognitive of the requirements while guiding them to specific PPE areas is of paramount importance. These outdoor garden flags educate visitors with their cautionary PPE requirement message. The bold, colourful communication alerts the public so that they can strictly comply with the notice.

Designed from 90 GSM knitted fabric, the durable flags can withstand exposure to outside elements, including the effects of harsh sunlight, without fading. As a result, the message remains clear and informative wherever posted. The robust iron material of the poles provides maximum strength to support the flag. Once a pole is inserted into the ground, the square stabilizing foot keeps it firmly planted.

Created with sublimation printing, the ink used to create the outdoor flags goes inside the fabric, so it won't tear, peel, or rub off. The results are professional, crisp, high-quality personalized yard flags. The vibrant, bold colours prompt onlookers to notice and read the 'personal protective equipment required' guidelines from afar. Visitors therefore know not to proceed beyond this point without PPE.

Open up the box, and PPE garden flags are ready to install. You don't need any extra tools. Just slide the fabric onto the pole, insert the foot into the ground, and you'll have it posted. If you need to move the flags, it's a fast and effortless process each time.

Customized and Ready to Use Outdoor Personalized Yard Flags

Each pre-printed flag is an effective outdoor advertising tool, drawing the public's attention to the required messaging. The pre-designed graphics save you the time and effort of having to self-design and create a message. These outdoor flags arrive ready to use, enabling setup without delay.

Our garden flags come with multiple print options to pick from. You can choose a single-sided or double-sided printed flag based on your business requirement. Single-sided flags show a mirror image on the backside, with 50 to 60% visibility. Double-sided graphics display information on both sides to capture the attention of viewers coming from either direction. This way you'll able to disseminate more information.

Easy Access Outdoor Sublimation Garden Flags Can Be Ordered in Bulk

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While the offer lasts, take advantage of the multiple shipping options with doorstep delivery for your convenience. You can order and have your personalized yard flags shipped based on the amount of product you need, your budget, and the speed of delivery.

Personalized Yard Flags for Communicating a Cautionary PPE Required Message

Help your public stay aware of personal protection equipment requirements by using these PPE-required flag notices as a guide. Ensure safety through effective communication against potential airborne diseases or other risks.

  • Sublimation printing
  • 90 GSM knitted flag fabric
  • Durable iron pole inserts into the ground for stability
  • Measures 52 x 10 x 10 centimetres
  • Mirror image on back at 50 to 60% visibility

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