China Flag


Durable China National Flags are Ready to Use and Customizable

Businesses hosting Chinese visitors as clients or contemporaries are on the lookout for appropriate and welcoming decor. Restaurants serving Chinese cuisine also require the right materials for creating atmosphere in their establishments. China flags display the traditional colours and symbols of China, paying tribute to its history and customs. The flags are also suitable for display at various festivals and events.

Each pre-printed pole pocket flag is immediately ready to use and has either a pole pocket or grommets for easy hanging and display. This makes them a convenient option for businesses welcoming Chinese guests as well as those hosting celebrations, promotions and festivals.

A 90 GSM premium knitted fabric made with a strong synthetic material such as polyester and nylon makes the single sided flags durable and long-lasting. They stand up well to the elements and are suitable for outdoor display for prolonged periods. Whether pockets or grommets, our flags have sturdy fasteners that secure the graphic to the pole for long-term use.

China is only one of many lands for which country flags are available. With four sizes to choose from, you can pick the one that bests fits your display needs. Place the additional 3" white fabric pole pocket on the left or right side, or add one or two grommets as required for your display method.

High-Quality and Easy to Care For China Country Flags

Dye-sublimation printing creates a high quality, vibrant flag with an authentic appearance. A single sided flag shows the traditional flag design on one side, with a mirrored image at 50-60% visibility on the other. The bold colours resist fading, so the graphic remains clearly visible on the front and back. Safe chemical dyes are used, which provide lasting, luminous colours for years of use.

The synthetic fabric flags are conveniently machine-washable, making them easy to clean as needed to maintain a bright appearance. The banners can also be washed by hand using mild detergent in order to further extend the life and integrity of the material. These pole pocket flags are easy to care for and maintain, which saves effort and time.

China National Flags Can Be Ordered in Bulk and Are Easily Accessible

BannerBuzz flags are available in quantities of as few as 2 to 500 or more. A bulk discount applies when ordering our country flags, an added incentive for businesses and event organizers with a need for a large amount of flags. Various shipping options, such as doorstep delivery, are available to serve individual requirements and budgets. We make it easy to show your support for the nation of China with convenient discounts and shipping choices.

Display National Pride With China Country Flags

Brighten up an indoor or outdoor space with the patriotic decoration of a durable and long-lasting Chinese flag.

  • Flag fabric with 90 GSM graphic
  • Single-sided printing with mirror image on back
  • 3" of white fabric finishing for pole pocket or grommets
  • Variation of finish size within +/-1"
  • Flag is machine-washable

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