Join us on Youtube Live Vinyl Banners


Church Banners are Durable, High Quality, and Customizable

Houses of worship that need to adapt to changing conditions and health regulations have the option of offering parishioners an alternative means of attending services. Churches trying to modernize are also looking for ways to expand their reach and take advantage of current digital platforms. Printed vinyl banners display a message encouraging congregants to view services live online via streaming video, allowing for larger capacity without utilizing a physical indoor church space. The signs also offer an alternative for those unable to attend services in person due to health concerns or other causes.

Resilient PVC flex material allows the church banners to handle windy days and many weather conditions. Staying on display in rain or shine, the banners also resist abrasion and maintain a clear appearance. The strength of the material keeps it securely attached to ropes or hardware after installation.

Images and colours show up clearly on the worship banners for church thanks to high-quality 720 DPI printing. Details are visible and text crisp and legible even to distant onlookers or approaching drivers, communicating the message to a greater number of people for wider potential outreach.

Customize PVC flex banners to fit the needs of your house of worship, choosing from a range of available sizes for an appropriate fit in the parking lot or a green area adjacent to the road. Make the signs one- or two-sided, and add lamination and UV printing if desired for additional protection from the sun. Find the best hanging option, whether it's grommets, adhesive tabs, or pole pockets for placing on a flagpole. Many additional accessories are available separately to aid in placement of the banners, such as clips, skyhooks, and brackets.

Printed Vinyl Custom Church Banners are Eco-Friendly and Ready to Use

The church banners are an environmentally and socially responsible choice, fulfilling the standards of being a good steward to the earth and the community. An eco-solvent printing process uses sustainable practices for a reduced carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Deliver an on-target message with no need for a customized slogan or design with the ready-to-use worship banners for church. The text and graphics are appropriate for the intended purpose, and the banners are ideal for many types of churches, large and small alike.

Church Banners are Easy to Clean

PVC flex banners are non-absorbent, allowing water and other moisture to run off the surface. Simply wipe the front and back down with a soft, damp cloth to remove accumulated dust, pollen, and other outdoor contaminants.

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