Clip Flags - Rectangle


Attention-Grabbing Rectangle Clip Flags with Durable Hardware

Advertise your products, share details of exciting new promotions and more with our rectangle clip flags. We make our rectangle clip flags using high-quality materials and printing. With them, you can easily grab the attention of customers at events and marketing campaigns. These clip flags have hardware and can be customized in print to suit your needs.

These clip flags are rectangular in shape. They are 9.06 inch wide and 20.47 inch tall. The clip flags are engineered to withstand abrasions and repeated use. We provide a durable solution to your marketing by using quality 90 GSM knitted flag fabric.

Our clip flags come with necessary hardware to set up the flag. The hardware includes a durable carbon composite fibre pole and a plastic clip. We give a pivoted pole to allow the flag to easily turn and reduce its wear and tear.

Our printing techniques ensure no fading or bleeding of colour. We print colours in high resolution and clarity using the sublimation process. The quality print engages your audience even from far-off distances.

Easy to Install Custom Flags

Our clip flags can be completely customized with designs of your choice on one or more sides. You can create your own banner design with our easy-to-use online design tool or upload an image or owned graphic to be printed on your banner stand directly. We provide readymade templates to choose from. These can then be personalized with your information and images. You can even hire a professional designer at an additional fee to get a unique banner stand design.

These clip flags can be installed within minutes. Follow our simple instructions for easy installation of your flag. Start by connecting your two pole structures. Then insert the structure into your flag pocket and tie the elastic to your hook. You can then clip it onto any area you want to.

Clip Flags Available at Special Bulk Discount

We offer bulk discounts on purchase of rectangle clip flags in quantities ranging from 2 to 100. Check our overview table to see the special discounts offered for your purchase. Get your custom durable clip flags delivered at your doorstep with a value for your money now!