Compact Display Package

Compact Display Package


Package Includes

  • Sky Tube Circle Hanging Banner (8' x 3')- Qty 1

    Graphic with Hardware, Double Sided

  • Fabric Pop Up Curved Display (10' x 8')- Qty 1

    Graphic with hardware

  • Metal A Frame (2’ x 3’) – Qty 1

    Graphic with Frame, 2 Printed Panels


Our Compact Display Package includes the following items:

  • A high quality Sky Tube Circle Hanging Banner - 12 x 3 for maximum exposure.
  • A Fabric Pop Up Curved Display - 10 x 8 for enhanced appeal.
  • A Horizontal Pop Up Banner - 3.5 x 8.5 for making you standout.

Make an Everlasting Impression on Your Customers

Want your customers to fall in love with your products? Get your hands on our Compact Display Package that is guaranteed to get you the attention that you strive for at events, tradeshows, and conferences. This great package comes with a premium quality Sky Tube Circle Hanging Banner, a Fabric Pop Up Curved Display, and a Horizontal Pop Up Banner. All of these items are meant to make your brand standout and capture all attention at the event that you are a part of.

With the help of our impressive display, you can make heads turn while creating a solid brand identity in the eyes of your audience. The display that you get is also quite high quality, which means that it never disappoints you in terms of value and professionalism.

Lightweight Hardware that makes Setting Up Your Booth a Breeze

No one likes to set-up heavy banners and standees because it not only takes more time, but also requires more manpower. However, the compact package from is incredibly lightweight, which is what makes it quite easy to set up without needing extra help. Furthermore, the hardware is designed using durable materials, ensuring a long lasting use of the display. The materials from which the banners are designed are quite high quality and weather resistant. This makes them ideal for any event or occasion.

Premium Sky Tube Circle Hanging Banner that Makes Your Brand the Centre of Attention

Want your competitors to shy away and make the audience see who's the boss? Our compact package for event display is perfect for making your brand look indestructible and unbeatable at any event. The Sky Tube Circle Hanging Banner is particularly ideal for stealing the spotlight and exposing your brand in the most outstanding manner. These banners hang through the ceiling, allowing your brand to reach every part of the event.

Customise Your Banners for Increased Exposure, Recognition and Reach

The best way to get all the needed attention towards your brand and booth at an event is to make use of our compact package that includes three main display items. All of these items combined, you get a perfect package that gets your brand immense attention. However, if you want your brand to be recognised by many, make sure you customise each banner by adding your brand elements to them.

From your logo to your brand's message, you can add anything on these banners and capture your customers' attention. The best part about our display package is that you can get them at budget friendly rates. We not only promise an outstanding outcome, but greater value for your money.