Covid 19 Prevention Wash Hands Business Flyers


Easy Writability, High-Quality, and Customizable Business Flyers

The safety of visitors, employees, and customers is something that most organizations want to consider. Businesses need creative and informative ways to spread awareness about hand washing to aid in the prevention of airborne diseases. These business flyers offer timely information to the general public about the required safety precautions against the transmission of airborne illnesses. Communicating your safety precautions properly will aid in the prevention of disease transmission and the safety of your facility.

Full colour printing yields vibrant results, ensuring that every detail on the paper flyers is visible. This helps you to show your information in a tidy manner. Capture your consumers' attention with high-quality prints to raise awareness about the importance of handwashing.

Our printed flyers are customizable to meet the specific requirements of your business. There are a variety of size selections as well as paper type options such as cardstock matte, paper gloss, and paper matte. You may also pick between front only or front and back print options to effectively guide your customers, depending on your location or services provided.

The uncoated and non-glossy surface of these wash your hands flyers provides for great writability, allowing you to add additional information using oil-based inks and permanent markers. This will help you express your message more effectively in order to assist customers, and it will also help you grow your brand by leaving a lasting impression.

Printed Flyers are Ready to Use and Available in Bulk

To save you time and effort, our paper flyers are pre-printed with the message to wash hands frequently to protect one's self and others from getting sick. This enables you to utilize them as soon as you receive them, therefore limiting the transmission of dangerous infections and helping to keep your facility safe.

Depending on their size or requirements, businesses may purchase printed flyers in bulk quantities ranging from 50 to 5000. You also get a variety of delivery alternatives based on your urgency and budget. We even offer express delivery for those with time constraints.

Business Flyers are Eco-Friendly

To encourage sustainability and safeguard the environment, we manufacture the wash your hands flyers from recycled materials. Using these flyers can help you reduce your carbon impact and fulfil your social duty. This will also appeal to your ecologically concerned consumers.

Business Flyers to Offer Guidance on Safety Precautions

High-quality and eco-friendly BannerBuzz paper flyers offer guidance to help protect visitors and customers from infectious diseases.

  • Excellent writability and printability
  • Eco-friendly
  • Full colour printing
  • Customizable

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