Covid 19 Prevention Wash Hands Garden Flags


Garden Flags are Durable, High Quality, and Customizable

Every institution is looking for ways to effectively articulate critical safety information to guests. You need clear visual reminders to stress the importance of taking the required steps to avoid the spread of infectious diseases. These garden flags assist you in doing exactly that - you can use them to encourage staff, customers, and passers-by to do their part in protecting themselves against contagious pathogens, with the help of this simple solution.

Our single- and double-sided flags, made from 90 GSM knitted flag fabric, are suitable for outdoor use and resist regular wear and tear. The graphics come with a sturdy iron pole, which is durable and long-lasting. These dependable materials guarantee that the message for staff to wash their hands will remain posted as long as needed.

Created using sublimation printing processes, these outdoor flags offer high-quality graphics and exceptional print quality. The resultant vibrant and colourful images make for an effective communication method, as these make the flags noticeable from afar and help you to attract the attention of passers-by.

BannerBuzz offers you the option to buy these flags in two distinct print options: single-sided and double-sided. This customization option lets you acquire a product tailored to your facility's needs. Images printed on both sides disseminate more information, whereas single-sided flags show the graphics on the reverse side as a mirrored image with 50-60% visibility.

Outdoor Flags are Portable and Easy to Install

BannerBuzz single- and double-sided flags come with flag poles that can be easily placed and relocated, making them portable. Because of their high-quality build, they are lightweight and simple to move and store. As they can be conveniently utilized in different locations, they also help boost your ROI, which makes them a cost-effective method for communicating information.

These single-sided flags can be set up without the use of any additional tools, making them extremely simple to set up. The pole is installable in a matter of seconds, and all that remains after that is to loop the cloth into the horizontal arm of the pole while scrunching it until the entire flag is looped in. The installation process is simple, and the flags are ready to display within a few minutes.

BannerBuzz Garden Flags are Ready to Use

The pre-printed outdoor flags state that employees must wash hands before returning to work. With the message already printed, you experience a rapid selection and order placing procedure, saving you time and effort. Our pre-designed flags are ideal for displaying outside your facility.

Double-Sided Flags are Apt Reminders of Precautionary Measures

BannerBuzz provides a quick, easy, and durable solution for displaying information with vivid graphics and clear messages on these garden flags.

  • 90 GSM knitted flag fabric
  • Created using sublimation printing
  • Includes an iron pole
  • 52x10x10 cm dimensions
  • Single-sided flags show mirror image with 50-60% visibility on the reverse

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