Printed Gloss Paper Bags

Printed Gloss Paper Bags


Multi-Purpose Premium Laminated Printed Gloss Paper Bags

  • Made of 170/300 GSM art paper material
  • Personalize your name, logo and art on paper bags.
  • Available in 7 sizes ranging from 3 inches to 12.5 inches.
  • Various background colours available
  • Incorporate gloss lamination for a top-quality finish.

Full-Color Printed Gloss Paper Bags Available in 7 Different Sizes

Make your shopping items look even more attractive. Want to know how? With printed gloss paper bags. It’s the right time to say bye to your plastic bags and a big yes to these new glossy shopping bags.

These paper bags are made of 170/ 300 GSM art paper material which is great when you want your bags to hold sufficient items. They are available in 7 different sizes starting from 3 inches to 12.5 inches. Therefore, you now get an option to choose the perfect bag size according to your requirement.

Next, and the most important thing is that these printed gloss paper bags are sustainable and eco-friendly, which is not only best for you but also for your surroundings. As tTheyse are reusable and are expected to sustain longer as compared to others. Therefore, you can use these bags whenever and however you want.

Another interesting part about these paper bags is that you can personalize your logo, name and even art on them. These paper bags are multi-purpose as you can use them as shopping bags, paper gift bags and more.

Gloss Laminated Paper Gift Bags Come in a Variety of Background Colors

There are 6 appealing background colour options available- white, black, chocolate, blue, red, and pink. Based on the choice of your background colour, we provide you with the best contrasting colour handles made of nylon for your bags along with personalizing a logo, name or art in symmetry with them.

To bring about a top-notch finish, you can also get these paper bags to gloss laminated. They are easy to carry and store.

A Silent Design Partner for Your Glossy Shopping Bags Brand Awareness

Yes! You read it right, this personalization feature is your silent brand awareness partner. How? The fact that you can personalize them according to your need then might as well do it the smart way, by incorporating and designing your brand names and logos on these bags. This option is not only innovative but also affordable at the same time.