Custom Graphic Roller Shades - Blackout

Custom Graphic Roller Shades - Blackout


Create Your Own Custom Graphic Roller Shades-Blackout with BannerBuzz

  • Made of 100% polyester black-out fabric that comes with acrylic coating.
  • Latex printing generates appealing graphics.
  • Easy to maintain and operate with nylon bead chain and crank options.
  • A great choice for media rooms with sun-facing windows.
  • Customization options are available.

Product Specifications

  • Material: 100% polyester block-out fabric with acrylic coating
  • Print Side: One side only
  • Print Type: Latex
  • Fabric Roll Direction: From back of the roll

Buy Custom Graphic Roller Shades- Blackout Made of Polyester for Complete Privacy

Whether you are looking for privacy at home or light control in office space, Custom Graphic Roller Shades– Blackout by BannerBuzz is a key investment. These blinds can be both practical and stylish with customization options. Using roller shades has always been a great experience for our customers as they offer tons of benefits. If you want a multipurpose window treatment, these custom blackout roller shades are perfect.

The custom blackout roller shades are made of 100% polyester black-out fabric. This fabric is coated with acrylic coating for maximum blockage from harmful UV rays and sunlight. The absolute closure from the outdoor world makes it perfect for home and office use. Our custom roller shade blocks out 100% sunlight and UV rays. It also works well in privacy protection. Great for bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, and office.

To print our custom roller shades blackout blinds, we use latex printing that ensures the graphics are fade-resistant and extremely durable. In spite of multiple washings, the print remains in pristine condition. The graphics can be custom colour matched to guarantee that your logo meets your business needs, and is sharp and easy for your audience to see from a distance.

Mount Type

Inside Mount

Upon choosing an inside mount, the blinds fit inside the window frame. It gives the window a minimalist, clean and finished look. 

Outside Mount

An outside mount is when blinds are installed on the wall above the window or directly on the window trim. This mount style is ideal for windows where there’s not enough window depth to mount inside, or when you want more coverage to darken a room.

Lift Options

Spike Base

White Nylon Bead Chain

The white nylon bead chains feature beaded pulls that raise or lower the shade when pulled on the front or back. It can be mounted on the left or right side of the shade. Choose the shade side that is most convenient to pull.  

Square Base

White Crank

White crank features geared mechanism for easy operation. Simply, insert it into the roller blinds to lift or close. It can be completely removed when not in use which makes blinds look tidier and nicer.

Lift Side

Left side

If the placement of any object or furniture in a tight corner blocks the roller shade, the chain pull should be moved to the opposite side. Select the left-side option to control the lift on the left side of the shade. 

Right side

 If the placement of any object or furniture in a tight corner blocks the roller shade, the chain pull should be moved to the opposite side. Select the right-side option to control the lift on the right side of the shade.

Personalize your Blackout Roller Shades with BannerBuzz

Easy installation is the hallmark of our premium outdoor roller shades. They are easy to install and can be used at your convenience once they are mounted on the window. You can be assured that our product is of premium quality since it is durable and long-lasting. Roller blinds have the easiest operating mechanism. They can be crank-assisted, nylon bead chain driven. A chain-driven roller blind can operate blinds effortlessly. Our lifting nylon bead chains can be placed on either the left or right side, where the fabric is rolled from the back.

With the personalization option, make your business stand out from your counterparts. Printing our custom graphic roller shades to display your company name, logo or other brand messaging is a perfect way to get noticed. Printed blinds are made to measure, are easy to install, and are ideal for use anywhere in your home. We offer a variety of templates that will engage your guests and make them appreciate your furnishings. Additionally, you can upload the artwork you want.

Our roller shades are designed to enhance the look of your living, office etc. In addition to blocking UV rays that might discolor your furniture, these shades also provide privacy. Having our contemporary shades installed is a great way to reinforce your brand messaging creatively without compromising on the aesthetics of the interior.

Custom-Sized Outdoor Blackout Shades are Reliable

Providing quality products is one of our top priorities at BannerBuzz. The printed roller shades we offer are made of durable fabric and further printed with high-quality printing to ensure the peace of mind of our customers. In addition to looking stylish, our custom clear graphic roller shades provide insulation, privacy, convenience, and much more. So, why wait any longer? Buy custom roller blackout shades for easy marketing solutions for your business.

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