Custom Hang Tags


Key Features

  • Durable Material: 14-point cardboard for long-lasting use and a professional look
  • Exciting Choices: Glossy and matte finishes for vivid or classic appearances
  • Personalize Options: Customize background and graphics for a unique brand presentation
  • Eco-Conscious: Made from sustainable materials for reduced environmental impact
  • Premium Printing: Front-only or dual-sided printing with excellent color accuracy
  • Precise Sizing: Consistent size with a variance of +/- 3mm for uniform branding materials

Product Overview

Superior Custom Hang Tags with a Classic or Vibrant Look

Strengthen your brand with our premium Custom Clothing Tags, expertly designed for a distinctive appearance. These tags are made from premium 14-point cardboard and come in glossy and matte finishes to meet your unique branding and design requirements. Organizations looking for vivid Custom Printed Hang Tags frequently choose the glossy finish because it adds a distinct sheen to colors. On the other hand, people who like a more traditional look will love the smooth, non-reflective surface that the matte finish provides. Featuring a size precision of +/- 3mm, every painstakingly designed tag guarantees consistency with all of your branding collateral.

Personalized Hanging Tags with String: Designed to Fit Your Brand and Style

Together with superior materials, our bespoke Custom Hang Tags with String provide you total control over how your company is portrayed. Choose a background that best presents your logo or design by choosing between glossy or matte finishes. We don't stop there, though; we also add strings for hanging tags to give them a more elegant, useful, and fashionable touch. Our staff can realize your concept for elaborate designs on bespoke garment tags or simple graphics on Custom Printed Hang Tags.

Eco-Friendly and High-Quality Sourcing for Your Brand in Sustainable Custom Hang Tags

Being environmentally responsible is not only a choice, but a need in the modern society. Because of this, we source our paper sustainably, giving you the opportunity to choose environmentally responsible options without sacrificing design or quality. We are aware that managing a business requires a lot of time. Our practical delivery choices guarantee that your personalized tags will arrive on schedule, ready to improve your products and create enduring relationships with customers. Customized Tags for Clothes and other products provide your business a unique edge over the competition and are in line with the three values that modern consumers care about: sustainability, personalization, and quality. These ideas apply whether you're introducing new goods or reinventing old ones.