Custom Market Umbrella

Custom Market Umbrella


Sturdy Umbrella That’s Equal Parts Durable, Functional, & Aesthetically Pleasing

  • 8.58 Feet Vented Umbrella With Crank Lift & Push Button Tilt.
  • Umbrella Can Be Adjusted at Various Angles Up To 35 Degrees.
  • Octagon Design Offers 20% More Coverage & Sunshade Than Other Umbrella Shapes.
  • Weatherproof Canopy, Eight-Rib Pole Construction, & Anti-Skid Base.
  • Perfect Sun Shading Solution For Outdoor Commercial, Cafe, Patio, Resort Use.
  • Durable Umbrella cover if opted (at extra cost) will be made available as per the umbrella dimension.

Weatherproof Umbrella Canopy With Eight-Rib Pole & Anti-Skid Pole Base

If you fancy unwinding outdoors or run a business that involves outdoor seating or recreation, you sure know that it comes with its share of challenges & unpleasant surprises. For instance, there are times when the sun is shining far too bright to be endured. You need to stay equipped to overcome any irksome situation. Our patio umbrella is the right shade & protective solution that can rescue you from such situations. The robust construction of the pole with eight-rib construction, anti-skid base, and weatherproof fabric, will have you covered in sun, rain, and more.

The durable fabric comes coated with a protective layer. This protective layer makes the canopy UV & fade resistant. The UV resistance offers protection from the harsh sun rays. On the other hand, fade resistance ensures that it looks vibrant and crisp for years to come.

When installed, the umbrella measures 8.58 feet high. The heavy-duty canopy, coupled with a black powder-coated pole featuring 8-rib construction, offers a highly stable and robust sunshade solution. The complete hardware package includes an anti-skid base made from HDPE with water filling capacity of 15 liters, base tube, shim, ring, adapter, coupling, screw, nut, lower pole, upper pole with umbrella structure, and a finial. With all the required hardware parts included in the package, the set-up does not require additional tools.

Our movable patio umbrella is a portable shading & covering solution for any outdoor seating area. The vented umbrella design is yet another brilliant feature that allows the air to pass through the fabric. The vents help in regulating the air pressure, adding to the stability and sturdiness. The intuitively designed vents only allow the air to pass through it while at the same time keeping the rainwater on the outer layer of the canopy.

Hand Crank Lift and Easy Push Button Tilt Design

Our highly durable patio umbrella is built to add value to your outdoor living. The construction and design are kept convenient and easy so that you don't have to spend hours struggling to raise and lower it every day. The hand crank lift allows quick opening and closure of the umbrella canopy. All you need to do is rotate the crank clockwise to open it. Alternatively, rotate the hand crank anti-clockwise to close the canopy in minutes.

Adding on to the functional features of BannerBuzz outdoor umbrella is its easy push-button tilt design. It allows you to tilt the canopy at any angle up to 35 degrees, making it a very versatile sun shading solution. As the sun changes its position, you can easily adjust the umbrella with the push of a button and enjoy the shade at various angles.

Octagon Umbrella Incorporates The Benefits of Octagonal Design

We have thoughtfully designed our umbrella in octagon shape. Compared to its counterpart shapes like square, round, or rectangle - octagon design has high coverage efficiency. It encloses 20% more space than other shapes with the same perimeter. With the design perks of the octagon shape, our umbrella offers more coverage, better sunshade, and is naturally cooler, compared to any other umbrella shape available in the market.