Printed Matte Paper Bags

Printed Matte Paper Bags


All Purpose Prime Laminated Printed Matte Paper Bags

  • Composed of 170/300 GSM art paper material
  • Personalize your name, logo and art on paper bags.
  • Available in 7 sizes ranging from 3 inches to 12.5 inches.
  • Multiple background colours are available
  • Includes matte lamination for a top-notch finish.

Eco-Friendly Printed Matte Paper Bags with 170/300 GSM

Adopting eco-friendly paper bags is the way to go. If you think that you can’t do much with a paper bag then you are certainly wrong. There is a lot that a person can do with a paper bag and especially, with printed matte paper bags. As the name suggests, these paper bags have a matte texture to them.

These printed matte bags are available in and seven different sizes, and 3 to 12.5 inches respectively. On the other hand, they are composed of 170/300 GSM art paper material, which sounds perfect when you carry a lot of items in your bag.

Next, and most importantly, these printed matte paper bags are sustainable, which is ideal for both you and the environment. Since they may be reused, they should last longer than other options. In light of this, you are free to use these bags whenever and however you like. `

The ability to customize these paper bags with your brand, name and even artwork is another intriguing feature. These paper bags are useful for a variety of things, including shopping and gift-giving.

Background Color Varieties with Matte Laminated Paper Bags

White, black, chocolate, blue, red, and pink are among the six eye-catching backdrop colour options that are offered. We give you the best nylon handles in contrasting colours for your bags based on the colour you select for the background, and we can also add a custom logo, name, or piece of art that is symmetrical with the handles.

You may also get these paper bags to matte laminated for an excellent appearance. These bags can be used as shopping bags, gift bags, and even packaging for food. They are simple to store and transport.

A Partner in Silent Design for Your Matte Paper Bags Brand Awareness

Yes! This customization tool is your silent brand awareness partner—you read that right. How? Since you may customize them to your needs, you may as well go about it cleverly by including and designing your business names and logos on these bags. This choice combines innovation and affordability in a single package.