Cut-to-Size Labels - Horizontal

Cut-to-Size Labels - Horizontal

  • They come in both 70 lb gloss and matte paper types.
  • Long-lasting adhesives provide durability.
  • Ideal for products that will be stored indoors.
  • Choose from various sizes.
  • Add your text and logos.

Cut-to-Size Labels for Branding

Cut-to-size horizontal labels work in smart, subtle ways to promote your products and increase brand awareness. These labels are especially useful in supermarkets, trade shows and other marketing events.

Ideal as handouts and packaging slips, these custom labels are a good way to give brief and to-the-point details about your business. You can also use them on plastic and glass bottles, food jars, storage boxes, and even furniture.

Featuring long-lasting adhesives, our horizontal labels work best on products meant for indoor storage. These high-quality 70 horizontal labels are available with two finishing options. While the label matte has an elegant non-reflective finish, the gloss labels boast a smart glossy look.

Both the paper types are not waterproof, hence they must be kept from getting wet. You can write on them with a permanent ink marker or a ballpoint pen to add extra details.

Cut-to-Size Labels Options

Promising to always create a good impression, our horizontal labels are available in four different sizes. You can find the right size to fit on anything from small containers to pieces of furniture. There could, however, be a size variance of +/- 3 mm.

Check out our eye-catching templates and customize these to create unique labels for your business. There is also the option to create a design of your own complete with tag lines, themes, and colour tones that best reflect the ideals of your brand. Keep in mind that the product border should be a minimum of 3 mm. That’s because thin borders can come out lopsided due to the cutting process.

Jar Label Bulk Discounts

You can place orders for packs of 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, and 5000. The more items you order, the more you save, thanks to our volume pricing model. Choose priority shipping at checkout for fast delivery.