Danger PPE Beyond This Point Acrylic Signs


High Quality Acrylic Signs are Customizable and Durable

With the increase in airborne pathogens, it has become necessary for many facilities to educate employees, passers-by, and visitors about health and safety information. In order to safeguard the public, businesses must clearly communicate the need for protective equipment. Our acrylic business signs help in sharing such information at the desired place clearly. Show that your business is aware of its social responsibility by providing the requisite warning signs.

Our acrylic sign boards are made of sturdy cast acrylic and are highly durable by design, with a thickness of 5 mm, tensile strength of 760 kg/cm2 and tear resistance >=1016 Ohm. Their durability provides for the ability to withstand daily wear and tear for years of use and a good return on investment.

Quick and easy customization in terms of size and mounting styles makes these signs ideal for placement by a wide range of businesses and services. You can modify these custom acrylic signs to one of four mounting options as per your brand requirements, with or without standoffs.

Direct UV printing on substrate ensures that the communication on each acrylic sign board is sharp. This high quality printing technique renders excellent colour quality. A smooth, glossy finish provides an eye-catching sign to attract the attention of those passing by, informing them that they need to stop and outfit themselves with PPE before progressing.

Order Acrylic Business Signs in Bulk for Discounts

Order our acrylic signs in bulk, with quantity possibilities ranging from 2 to 500 or more. They're suitable for all businesses, with order options to suit individual requirements and budgets. This makes our signs a viable option for large and small businesses alike.

BannerBuzz acrylic sign boards are easy to access, with a variety of accommodating shipping alternatives. We even offer direct-to-you doorstep delivery. The delivery is done at your convenience and within your budget, based on your specifications.

Lightweight and Easy to Move Acrylic Signs

Each acrylic sign board is made up of lightweight material, which makes them easy to move around and reposition as necessary. This feature allows business owners to shift the signs from one place to another quickly as circumstances change. These signs also remove for storage without much effort.

Acrylic Signs for Clear Communication of PPE-Required Information

Clearly communicate cautionary messages with our high-quality and durable cast acrylic business signs.

  • Made with Cast Acrylic (Opaque)
  • 5 mm thickness and 5550 GSM weight
  • 760 kg/cm2 tensile strength
  • Tear Resistance >=1016 Ohm
  • Glossy Finish with Direct UV printing on substrate

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