Danger PPE Beyond This Point Compliance Signs


Compliance Signs are Durable, High-Quality, and Customizable

Venturing into certain areas of in-patient medical facilities requires the use of protective equipment. In order to comply with procedures and regulations, notice of the need for increased safety must be given. Warning signs outlining the need for N95-grade respirators remind caregivers and other workers to wear their masks before entering the areas in question. This helps to keep them safe and prevent illness from spreading into other areas.

Made of durable aluminum, these danger signs are suitable for display indoors before entering a ward or outdoors to designate an entire building as requiring PPE. The material resists corrosion and is easy to clean. These signs withstand wear and tear and can be displayed for a long time.

Safety compliance signs feature UV-stable ink that retains its colour and clarity without fading, even with regular exposure to sunlight. The text also reflects light for better visibility and legibility. Bright red hues easily grab the attention of passers-by.

To suit the needs of large or small spaces, these warning signs come in a range of sizes. BannerBuzz also offers the option of adding special instructions to meet specific needs that may be unique to your facility.

Personal Protective Equipment Signs are Eco-Friendly and Easy to Install

The printing process employed has lesser impact on the environment as the solvents used don't release solvents into the air. So, keep your workers and visitors safe, sustainably.

Rounded corners reduce risk of injury during installation. Each corner has a pre-drilled hole for the insertion of hardware; mounting on the wall is quick and easy. The mounting points also keep the signs stable.

Compliance Signs are Ready to Use

A pre-printed, clearly worded message makes these warning signs ready to use. Instructions and details are clear and legible with no room for confusion. The signs need no additional modification and are prepped for installation right out of the box.

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